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The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


Grill Camp ‘06-Day 1

First Image
The first day of my so called “Grill Camp” was a revisit of the LOUISVILLE WINGS that I’d made the prior Saturday, plus  making a batch of the so-called “BEST BBQ BEANS ON THE PLANET”. With the wings I was curious to see if I’d notice the difference between the batch last week  and this weeks Last week I started them on the smoker and transferred them to gas grill. This week since I needed to do the beans at 225 (110 C) and the wings should be done at 350 for crispy skin, the wings were done entirely on the gas grill. The beans were an item I made last year at Grill Camp and I remembered they took twice as long to prep as I expected. Would a year of prepping food for the smoker help cut my time down?

Second Image
With 48 wings to crisp up under direct heat for 5 minutes, you need to move fast-or have a helper.

The LOUISVILLE WINGS I made last Saturday were a true adventure. I detailed all of the misadventures in a blog entry called “Comedy of Errors”. This round went well with no real surprises. Once again I used real lemon juice from afresh squeezed lemons and people said they could taste it. I shall never use bottled lemon or lime juice again. As before I made a double batch of wings, 48 total. This time around I avoided dropping some of the wings on the ground. I ended with the same number I started with-always a bonus.  This time I soaked my Apple chips for an hour to maximize their smoke potential. The cook went pretty smoothly except right at the end. The last 5 or 1 minutes where  you switch from indirect to direct grilling to crisp up the skins can be pretty hectic. With 48 wings finishing up over high direct heat I needed to grow several new arms. A few of the wings were somewhat black on the outside because I couldn’t get to them fast enough to avoid burning them. I was lucky in that several of my intended victims like blackened,

Third Image
The finished wings including a few extra crispy ones

As for the “BEST BBQ BEANS ON THE PLANET”:  They were as good as I remembered. Every bite is a different burst of flavor. These should be considered their own separate menu category. These aren’t just plain old beans. I decided to add these into to my Saturday menu at the last minute and I ASSumed that my prep skills had improved in a year. If dinner was to be served on time, I needed for this to take about half as much time as they did last year. Fortunately I have gotten better with the knife in the last year and they did take half the time. This year I upped the Jalapeno count from 3 to 6 and I included some of the seeds to kick it up a bit.  These beans were spicy and every bit as tasty as I remembered. The BBQ sauce I used was Dinosaur  BBQ’s  Sensuous Slathering Sauce. This sweet tangy sauce was perfect for the BBQ beans. These beans reheated well and interestingly had more smoke flavor but, were less hot and spicy.

The dry ingredients ready to receive the BBQ sauce

So all in all, other than a few singed wings Day 1 went well. The wings served as Sunday dinner. Everyone ate so much, I gave up my plans for SMOKED HOT DOGS & BUSH BEANS DOCTORED WITH BROWN SUGAR & MOLASSES for Sunday’s supper. So Grill Camp Day 2 was a day of rest and enjoying the fruits of Day 1. Nothing wrong with that.

I updated my pictures of the “BEST BBQ BEANS ON THE PLANET” with pictures from this day’s cook.
If you are interested: Here is the link for the recipe for the “BEST BBQ BEANS ON THE PLANET”.


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