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The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


Grill Camp ‘06-Day 3

First Image
The third day of my so called “Grill Camp” was a revisit of the VEAL BURGERS WITH ONION & DILL that I’ve made with mixed success. The second activity actually made the yard look more like a real camp. I put up the EZ-Up shelter I recently purchased to help with those rainy windy days.
I’ve made the veal burgers 3 times before this, and they were always an adventure. The burgers were always too soft and tended to stick to the grill grate. I never knew if they were going to simply ooze through the grill going on or tear themselves apart coming off. This time I was determined that things would be different. These burgers reminded me very much of meatballs, the only thing they were missing was the bread crumbs. Bread crumbs seemed like they would do the trick helping to hold these burgers together. The question was how much to use. I didn’t want to dry out the normally moist veal burgers. I tried 1/2 a cup to a pound and one half of veal, which seemed to do the job nicely. The other thing that helps these burgers stay together is refrigerating the meat for two hours prior to throwing them on the grill.

Second Image
The veal ready to form into patties

According to the recipe the one and one-half pounds of veal is supposed to make 4 burgers. Between the veal, the bread soaked in milk, the bread crumbs, egg and other ingredients these are 4 enormous burgers.  Next time I may try to get 6 out of this sized batch, although I’m wondering if the size of the burgers were intended to help them hold together. To insure these burgers didn’t stick to the grill I oiled the grill grate twice.

With a double oiling the soft veal burgers stick to the grill less

The bottom line was these burgers had the right consistency and they almost didn’t stick to the grill. One burger still did , but that was minor setback. The burgers looked great and tasted even better. So if any of you try this recipe from BBQ USA  add in a half cup of bread crumbs. The mustard dill sauce is a great compliment to the dill infused veal burgers. These burgers were so filling  that for the second time this week I found myself canceling the smoked hot dogs I was planning for supper.

The finished jumbo sized burger & mustard dill sauce

My next activity was to set up the new shelter I purchased last week. It was a 10’ x 10’ (3 x 3 m) shelter that is a roof on poles that is supposed to set up in less than a minute. The first setup takes longer because of some one-time initial setup chores. I figured better to do it the first time in the good weather.  This seemed prudent just in case my first real use would be in nasty weather. There was a testimonial letter on the EZ-Up website from a women who praised the easy one person setup. She must have been using the 6’ x 6’ (1.75 x 1.75 m)shelter because the 10’ x 10’ (3 x 3 m) was a handful for one. I was barely able to set it up. My other problem is the normal setup procedure is to put the shelter in the middle of the area to be covered and open it up. My grills required me to set it up off to the side and drag it into place. This was not easy for one either. The less than one minute setup took me 25 minutes alone. This was good to find out in advance. Taking it down with a helper took under a minute-so moral here is have a helper. Good to find out in advance.

The EZ-Up made the yard look like a camp

Once I got the shelter in place the accessory sides attached easily using velcro straps. I took them right back down because the wind would not be a factor most of this week. It took my grills and turned them so they were face to face with their backs facing the side of the shelter, This positioned the vents close to the sides  of the shelter for good ventilation.  The shelter easily accommodated the two grills with room off to the side for my charcoal chimney and a chair. There was still plenty of room to move around.

The grill and smoker facing each other under the 10’ x 10’ (3 x 3 m) EZ-Up

I shall save later comment about the EZ-Up for future blog entries from Grill Camp Week.

I updated my pictures of the VEAL BURGERS WITH ONION & DILL with pictures from this day’s cook.


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