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The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke


How Did I Get Here?

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I’ve been using a gas grill most all of my adult life. I used it to make the usual fare: burgers, dog, steaks. Once in a while I’d do a rotisserie roast. I always wanted to do more, but never could get to the next level. I’d buy a grilling cookbook every so often, but they assumed a certain knowledge of cooking I didn’t have. Living in New England grilling was also a Memorial Day to Labor Day affair. So what happened to change things?
Three years ago I was given some steak tips. I decided to do them on the grill, but the grilling basket I used to hold small items had gone AWOL While I was out I stopped into Sears to buy a new one. It was late October and the grills were on sale in an “End of Season” clearance. I spotted this 6 burner Kenmore Elite Gas Grill on sale for $200 off. It was a beauty, large cooking area, a side burner, an infra red rotisserie burner, and a smoker drawer. I’d gone out looking for a $6 grill accessory and had come home with a grille I’d paid $600 for.
This was a lot of money for me, but I looked at it as an investment. I decided to go out again in search of a grilling cookbook that would be easy to understand and that would help get me to the next level. This time I was successful. I found How to Grill by Steven Raichlen. It was perfect: lot’s of pictures, detailed explanations and great recipes. The first steaks I cooked on the new grill were the best I’d done to date.
I soon found that through the magic of cooking under indirect heat, I could grill year round. In the following Spring I found Steven Raichlen’s BBQU TV show. where he demoed recipes from his books. Just like the books, the segments on the show were no nonsense and easy to understand. The final piece fell into place when I found the BBQ Bible web site and the great folks who frequent the discussion boards there. Thanks to all this help, three years later I’m grilling & smoking year round. It has gotten so we’d rather eat at home than dine out

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