The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke

Grill Camp ‘07 - Day 3

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Grill Camp Day 3 started off with a supply run for food and equipment. The menu for today was going to be Smoked Tuna Steaks for supper and a panini experiment using leftover London Broil. I have wanted to experiment with smoking fish and Grill Camp is the perfect opportunity for this.

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New plastic container for brining large cuts of meat or a turkey

I began the day with a run to a restaurant supply house. There I bought a plastic container for brining large cuts of meat, in this case a brisket to make pastrami. One of the things I like about Grill Camp is I can hit stores during the weekdays at off hours so I can browse to my hearts content and not be fighting crowds. While at the restaurant supply house I picked up some half-sheet stainless steel sheet pans, some plastic drop-in pans with covered lids some wire grid cooling racks and several other widgets. Then it was off to Whole Foods. Once again going off hours where it is not busy allows me to pick the brains of the butchers and today the people in the fish department. I also have pictures of the items on this web site on my iPhone so I can show them what I have done with the meats they have sold me.

London Broil panini

Once I got home it was time for lunch. There wasn’t a whole lot of leftover London Broil, but I decide I would use what I had to make a panini. I bought some fresh sourdough bread for the occasion. I kept the sandwich simple. I used EVOO on the outside surfaces of the bread and stone ground mustard on the meat side of the bread. Five minutes a side on medium high had the panini toasted to a nice golden brown and the meat heated just right. The meat was still tender and very flavorful and was almost to good for a sandwich. I plan to be making more London Broil so I have a feeling there are more of these sandwiches in my future.

The sweet & hot marinade used ginger, garlic, chili peppers & orange juice. Asian recipe by way of Hawaii

After some cleanup it was time to light the smoker and move on to the Tuna Steaks. This recipe from Smoke & Spice was from Hawaii and had Asian roots. It was a combination of sweet & hot. There was a rather elaborate marinade using rice wine, toasted sesame oil, butter, lemon juice, hot chile peppers, ginger, garlic, thyme, sea salt and black pepper. The tuna steaks were placed in a marinade dish and covered with the marinade for 30 minutes at room temperature. The tuna are seared in a frying pan under high heat to help seal in the moisture which would otherwise escape during the cooking process. Some sea salt was added to the frying pan, the tuna steaks were drained and added to the pan for a sear lasting about a minute and a half. I set the seared tuna steaks onto shallow aluminum pans with ribbed bottoms. I like the ribbed bottoms as they allow the fish to drain and allow some of the smoke to reach the bottom side of the fish. Then it was on to the smoker.

The tuna steaks marinated for 20-30 minutes

I placed the tuna in the 200 degree (93 C) smoker in the middle of the main chamber. I added some pecan wood to the coals as I added the fish to the smoker. Midway through the smoke I turned the fish 180 degrees to even out the cooking temperatures. After 25 minutes they were pulled of the smoker and brought into the house where they can be served t once.

A sear on high heat helps seal in the moisture

These tuna were surprisingly good. They were tender, slightly flaky and had a sweet and slightly hot flavor. I was a bit worried about the hot chilies because I had actually touched myself after handling the chilies and my skin started burning. These chilies were hot indeed. While there was a bit if a spicy flavor to the tuna it was subtle and gave no hint of just how hot those chilies were. This recipe from Smoke and Spice was excellent and turned out some very moist and tasty fish. It took some prep before you threw the steaks on the smoker but it was worth the effort. I planned on doing a stuffed trout recipe from this same cookbook on Thursday. After having this tuna I was really looking forward to the trout. But I had Wednesday to look forward to. On Wednesday I planned on doing kebabs for lunch and a new rib recipe for dinner.

A quick 25 minute smoke and the tuna steaks are done

The taste of these tuna steaks were definitely Asian influenced


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