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No Comment - PT. 2

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This is another entry related to iWeb the tool that created this site. Seems I’ve lost my comments again. So no food talk here. Instead this will confirm something I mentioned in the earlier entry: No Comment published earlier this week.

Since I restored my comments a week ago they seemed to be sticking. I’d mentioned that some people on the iWeb discussion boards Apple support site were pointing a finger at a 3rd party program called iMap that added a site map to iWeb sites so that search engines like Google could index the site. The way iWeb does the links at the top of every page is with images not text and the automated web crawlers that index sites can not read the links as images. A site index helps these web crawlers find the pages of a site. They pointed to the feature where the iMap will publish meta-tags for your site. I had used iMap twice without the publish meta-tags turned on. No problem. Last night I had it publish the meta-tags and sure enough the comments went missing again. Color me pissed.


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The ironic thing is just as my site finally appeared in Google’s search engine, my comments began disappearing again

Today I restored my comments as I described in the first No Comment entry. The ironic part of this is my site finally showed up on Googles search pages this week nearly a month after I used iMap. I was going to to stop using iMap anyway because I didn’t seem to have nay success with Google search. I will not use the meta-tags feature in iMap and am exploring a product called Rage Sitemap automator as an alternative. But if you use iWeb and comments, I’d say steer clear of iMap’s meta-tag upload feature.


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