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iPhone BBQ Buddy-Cooking Home Screen

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The era of applications for the iPhone, which began about a year ago has resulted in 60,000 apps. The other day I created a home page on the my iPhone that contained apps and links related to my grilling. Since most of my own grilling friends also seem to own iPhones I figured I’d share some of these apps that have helped me out. Now with 60,000 apps there are many categories that may have multiple versions of these apps. I tried to pick the ones that will worked best for me. One of the beauties of these apps is they are sometimes free, often $0.99 and usually less than $5.00. At that price you can afford to test drive several to see which ones are the best fit. I am going to do a series of blogs talking about several of these apps that I use. You may find you like the concept, but may find that another app suits your needs better. This first entry will talk about how to organize these apps & web links into a home screen that is your one stop location for all things cooking on your iPhone.

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To customize your home screen tap and hold one of the application icons. After a few seconds they all begin to jiggle like a bowl of jello. When they are in this jiggling state you can drag them within their screen to change their order. Drag them left or right off their current screen to move them to a new screen. Click on the X to delete them. The picture on the right shows my “Cooking” Home Screen with all my cooking apps & links all on one screen

The first thing you may want to do is organize your cooking apps all in one place. The iPhone as of version 3.0 allows you to have up to 11 home screens. When you buy an application, it places itself in the first blank spot on the lowest number home screen it can find. I find it easier to find things if I create “themed” home screens: Games, Travel & Weather and, as mentioned before, my new Cooking Apps & Links home screen. The photos above show how to move apps from one screen to the other. It also shows my Cooking Home Screen which in the picture above has 15 icons in it. The other thing you can do is add web links. These are icons you can click on that launch Mobile Safari and take you straight to the web page. This is even faster than launching Mobile Safari and scrolling through your bookmarks. I added some cooking themed web links to my Cooking Home Screen for sites I use most often. The pictures below show this process. These web links are very handy in general, not just for cooking. I’ve also created another home screen that is all web links which are for the general interest web sites I visit most often.

“Fourth . “Fifth

To add a web link to your home page, launch Mobile Safari & go to the web page you wish to add. Once there click on the + (plus) button on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. When the new screen pops up click on the “Add to Home Screen” Button.

“Sixth . “Seventh

The next screen that appears allows you to customize the name that appears under the icon on the home screen. Shorter is better. After pressing the “Add” button, the icon appears on the first open home screen. Use the procedure described above to move the icon to the home screen of your choice. The picture on the right shows my Cooking Home Screen with a new 16th icon added.

To digress a minute one other thing you can do with your iPhone is add a custom picture as your wallpaper. This is the picture you see when you wake your phone up. This can be any picture in the Photo Library on your phone. This means you can take a picture from your iPhoto Library and upload it to your phone for the specific purpose of being the wallpaper. The screen on the iPhone is 320 pixels wide x 480 pixels high. While the iPhone will let you do some cropping on the phone, for more precise control do the cropping in photo editing app and upload the right sized photo to the phone.

“Eighth . “Ninth . “Tenth

After the application has determined your location, you can display a list of what is in or out of season (Left). Clicking on a specific item like Peas brings up a screen that tells you the status locally and has a map and listing of where the item is in season currently (Middle). Scrolling down to the bottom of the Fruit or veggie screen gives you links to learn more on Wikipedia & recipes at (Right).)

Now that you know how to create a “Cooking Themed” custom home screen with all of your cooking apps and web links in one place, I will talk about some of these cooking related apps in future blogs. The next entry will be about a shopping list app called Groceries. Also you may want to visit two previous blogs where I described using the iPhone and it’s native apps to help out with cooking related tasks.




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