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New Que Calendar Section

First ImageI
’ve added a new section to the site for the calendars I’ve been doing with my best food photos for that particular year. I used to post the photos from that years calendar as a blog entry. A friend from work who had seen the real calendars said that I shouldn’t use a blog to show these pictures. He said use a page like I do for my food pictures because the pictures are bigger. In thinking about it I’ve decided he was right. The blog limits the size of the pictures to 300 pixels maximum, a picture page can have much bigger picture sizes. Since these calendar pictures are a collage of smaller pictures it made sense to go big.

The calendars are a feature of Apple’s iPhoto photo management software. You create the calendars using an Apple supplied template and your pictures. You can upload it to Apple and get it professionally printed and bound. These que cals with my food pictures from the previous year have proven popular. The first year I printed one for me. Four years later I am up to six. I have had people who aren’t relatives ask for a copy which surprised me.

Starting today there is a new section of photos from my Que Calendar’s. Initially it will be the calendars from 2009 and 2010. I will go back through my archives to see if I have the other years Calendars from 2007 & 2008. If so I will eventually add those as well.

In a last bit of news I have been rather busy from mid August up until now and continuing through the end of the year. As a result I’ve had less free time. What this has meant is: I would rather spend that reduced time cooking rather than writing about cooking. So while I have squeezed some cooks in and have posted the pictures here, I haven’t been writing blog entries. This trend will probably continue for the rest of this year.


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