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My 200th Blog Post

Within the last 2 weeks my site has reached two milestones. The first was my 300th unique picture post. Today I am writing my 200th blog entry. Back in 2006, you might have heard me calling writing 200 blog entries a millstone, not a milestone. Back then blogs had been around for a few years, but were still somewhat new. I really didn’t know if I would be able to find enough things to write about to keep it interesting for me or the potential reader. Several things have changed along the way.

First I started getting into this more seriously, trying more cooking methods, more types of foods and foods from around the world. I’ve also fond the blogs to be useful to me. At first they were a way of recording what I was doing so I could revisit it at some later date when I wanted to do it again. There is no sense making the same mistake twice or relearning what you’ve already learned once. I also got a lot of help along the way from various folks, both in the flesh and virtually. Recording what I have learned along the way may help others who are trying something out for the first time. Lastly sometimes the best way to understand something yourself is to try to put it down on paper in a logical manner.

So where once I thought this thing was a year to year thing that I might give up due to lack of topics, I now feel it is a natural part of my working on this site. In fact in the beginning of December I already had placeholder pages up for the 2011 version of this blog. I seem to be writing longer and longer blogs and more of them, so I think there will be many more to come.

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