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BBQ Blog Archive - Site Improvement

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While I definitely like Version 2.0 of this site, created in RapidWeaver, far better than the iWeb version; there are still things that I’ll have to admit I like the way iWeb did it better. One of them is the Blog Archive page type. On the blog archive page type was a chronological listing of all of the blog entries for that blog. In my case, where I split the blog up by years, it was a chronological listing from most recent to oldest. I finally got around to adding a Blog Archive this weekend, and it gives you another way to access and find the blog entry you might be looking for.


Now for the big picture people I will cut to the chase. The main page for each years blog entry now has a link in the sidebar for that page where you can access the Blog Archive for the years blog entries. On the Blog Archive page you will find a list of all blogs for that year listed starting from January and ending in December. The date of the blog entry is listed and for some of the blogs I have added a topic description (in parenthesis). I did this where the blog title doesn’t give you an idea of the topic. Click on the link and it brings you to that particular blog entry. I often find I can remember the year I wrote a blog but not the title. Hopefully this will give folks another way to quickly find the blog they are looking for. The big picture folks can stop reading at this point, although I am going to add a few more things about this new addition to the site.

I had my hands full already when I was in the process of recreating this site in RapidWeaver, so I decided to see if I could live without the Blog Archive. After all the blog page type in RapidWeaver had some newer methods of accessing the blog pages: There were links allowing you to view the blog entries by month, or by categories or tags. The categories and tags were a more modern means of finding blog entries which became popular after iWeb’s last update. Plus this blog had permalinks and a much better way to implement blog comments. So I decided since I was having enough fun recreating the site in RapidWeaver, I wasn’t going to make any extra work for myself where I didn’t have to. What I’ve discovered is I miss the blog archive. While the categories and tags could be be nice, they could be frustrating too. It is hard to explain but they could sometimes be too specific. I missed being able to quickly skim down a list of all entries and find what I was looking for.


A typical entry consists of the thumbnail image on the left, the blog title at the top which is also the clickable link, the date the blog was published & for some entries a description (in parenthesis) below if the blog title doesn’t tell you what the topic is.

So I decided to add the Blog Archive pages to the sites after trying it for 3 months without. Now in iWeb this page type was created automatically when you added a blog to your site. No such luck in RapidWeaver, where I would have to create it from scratch. I actually found a nice plug-in for RapidWeaver called Image List Stack which gave you a bulleted list with several pre-formatted text styles for heading and body text. You set the styles once and it would format the entire list. The real attraction for me, and the raison d’etre for this plug-in was the “bullets” on the list could be images. This would allow me to add images to each line item which hopefully will make it even easier to find the item you are looking for. The images to use was an easy decision. I already had the main images for each blog entry in sorted by year and blog. These images were 420x200 pixels. It was very easy to select a particular year’s blog entries and have Aperture select just those size images. I could then export them as a batch and resize them to my desired bullet size. I am glad I was able to add the pictures because it is just another way to help find the entry you are looking for.

So I hope the Blog Archive will help you to find blog entries on this site. Let me know if you have any suggestions about this feature or any other suggestions for the site.


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