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Where in the World? BBQ Trail Map

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I’ve added a new area on this site showing on a map where some of the recipes on this site originate from. It began from a general curiosity on my part to see where the things I’ve made come from. When I first started this site I was primarily grilling food s from the US. Over time I added a smoker and began grilling food from around the world. I used to go right past the international recipes in cookbooks and now I seek them out. I had been thinking of using a custom Google Map to plot where the various recipes come from. When I recently learned how to embed an outside webpage into the site, as I did with my recently revamped Guestbook, a light bulb went off. I decide105d to add a page on this website linking to my custom Google Map. This meant I would need to put in a little more work on the map to make it of possible interest to more than just me. To that end I kept the names the same as their photo page counter parts, so if people were interested in seeing more it would be easy to find the photo page. I also listed the area the recipe was from. Finally I put a picture of the recipe that appears in the popup box for each location. Not every recipe I’ve made is listed on the map. The ones that aren’t shown are of unknown origin, or of too broad an origin to list. Also some recipes that are regional are listed as Southwestern US, Italy etc.

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The two map types are conventional MAP (left) and SATELLITE (right). The one you choose is a matter of personal preferences.

So what can you do with this new BBQ TRAIL MAP area? On the BBQ Trail Map page you are presented with a map with pins representing where in the world a recipe came from. To get the most out of the map, you should click on the link just below the map which opens the map in it’s own window. This gives you two extra features: First the map is bigger because it can use the entire window and secondly you now see a list of links on the side of the map which is an alphabetical list of the recipes found on the map. The picture at the top of this blog shows what the map opened in it’s own window looks like. The map can be viewed in two modes: MAP and SATELLITE to suit your viewing preferences. Like other Google Maps you can move the map around within it’s window and zoom it in and out. Clicking on a pin, or a link in the links list brings up an additional information window popup. This window show the recipe name, the location and shows a picture of the recipe. You can use the recipe name and the INDEX BY NAME area on the site to find the Photo Page for any entry that interests you.

Each pin has a popup menu associated with it that show the Recipe Name, Recipe Location and a Picture of the recipe

Making this map was an interesting exercise for me and I figured some of the visitors to this site might find it interesting too. Besides general interest a more practical use for the map might be if you want to find all of the recipes from a particular region of the US or World. Be sure to zoom in on the area you are interested in - sometimes what looks like one pin can be multiple pins in the same general location. If you need help using the map, there is a HELP link on the BBQ TRAIL MAP Page that brings up a dedicated help page. I hope you take the time to check out the new area on the site. You can use the comment for this Blog entry to give me any feedback good or bad you may have about this new area.


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