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iPhone BBQ Buddy-Kitchen Calculator

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In the past I’ve written other blog entries about apps I use on my iPhone to help me with my cooking tasks. Somehow I managed to overlook this very handy app even though I use it more than all of the other apps. Perhaps it is because it works so easily and seamlessly I don’t even think about using it. The app is called Kitchen Calculator, by Forward Leap, LLC and it costs $1.99 at the iPhone app store. There is a Kitchen Calculator Pro that adds some features I personally don’t need, like recipe conversion and favorites. I use YummySoup on my Mac to do this type of thing. This short blog entry will describe & illustrated the features of Kitchen Calculator (Standard). You can look into Kitchen Calculator Pro to see if the additional features are something you need.

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The first step is to select the type of measurement you want to convert: Liquid, Weight, Temperature & Distance. Notice that each tab shows you the appropriate measurement units for that type of conversion. The Temperature tab also give you a chart with common cooking temperature

Kitchen Calculator’s interface has 4 tabs for the types of conversion you wish to do: Liquid Measurement, Weights, Temperatures & Length. When you select one of the tabs you are presented with the types of conversions available for that type of measurement. First you select the unit you want to convert from. Then you select a unit to convert to. Once this is done the screen dissolves and you see a calculator interface with keys for whole numbers and common fractions. You type the quantity you want to convert using the keypad and you are presented with the results.

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You use a calculator like screen to enter your quantity. The results are promptly displayed at the top.

At this point you can use the “C” (Clear) key to do more conversions using the same From and To units or the done key to get back to the apps home screen. That’s it. Just that easy. It takes less time to do a conversion than it just did to describe it. The only other buttons are one that brings up a help screen and one that let’s you choose between UK and US units.

So there you have it. A handy app for doing measurement conversions that is quick and easy to use and just gets out of your way. I use it several times a week when cooking and I can’t believe I forgot to review it when I first started reviewing iPhone apps several years ago.


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