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I’ve made an improvement to the site to make it easier for folks visiting from outside the US. This change was triggered by three independent events occurring in the last two weeks. The first event occurred when was I was talking to someone from Spain about making Paellas. While I have a passing knowledge of metric units, my new friend didn’t have any knowledge of Imperial units. Between my limited metric knowledge and the KITCHEN CALCULATOR app on my iPhone we got by, but it wasn’t pretty. The second event was my looking at a recipe that was all in metric measurements and I was rather lost. I had no gut sense for the quantities being used in the recipe. The last event was my looking at the Google Analytics for my site. I was very surprised to find out that 1/3 of my site’s visitors come from outside the United State.
Frankly I was rather stunned by the amount of visitors from outside the US. While I know grilling is practiced around the world, I didn’t think my small hobbyist site would be of much interest to someone outside of the US. The day I found this I was writing a blog entry and it occurred to me that 1/3 of the people reading one of my blog entries might be just as confused by my use of Imperial Units as I was looking at the recipe written entirely in metric units. I figured if these people were making the effort to visit my site, I should do something to help make the experience easier and more pleasant for them. With that in mind I have revisited all of my previous blog entries and I added Metric measurements in parenthesis after the Imperial units. I shall continue to do this for all future blog entries as well. I hope this makes the site more accessible and user friendly for all visitors from outside the US. I am looking into possibly doing this for the Picture Entries as well. This is a more difficult proposition as the photo captions in the picture gallery aren’t searchable-this is a difficulty created by my web site creation software. To start I am going to add Metric units to all new picture entries and investigate how easily it can be done for the old entries as well. Going forward I can promise all new entries will have Metric units, but I shall reserve comment on the older picture entries until I’ve learned more.

I shall have to apologize in advance if my limited knowledge of Metric units has caused me to make some newbie mistakes. There were times when I wasn’t sure what best practice was for the units to use. When do you switch from centimeters to meters, or Liters to milliliters for example? Please if there is something I’ve done that is a major faux pas, bad practice etc., please let me know via a blog comment in the blog in question or the Contact Me link on the masthead.

So to my visitors from outside the US: Thanks for visiting the site. I hope you continue to come back and visit. I shall continue to try to make the site interesting and will do what I can to make the site user friendly for you. I would have done this sooner if I’d known the amount of visitors that came from outside the US.

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