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This is a hyperlinked chronological index of the various BLOG ENTRIES for 2012from January to December. Where the name of some of the blog entries may not make it readily apparent what the topic was, I have added a brief description.

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Part 1 about adapting a Beef Wellington recipe for the grill. The recipe involved some fancy indoor cooking too.
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Part 2 about adapting a Beef Wellington recipe for the grill. Day 1 had gone very smoothly & I expected the same from Day 2, but was in for some unexpected rough patches along the way.
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Le Creuset has made new improvements to their Signature Series line. I discovered this when I bought a new Dutch Oven for Christmas.
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I've made my first smoke using a welder's blanket and I find I should have done this a long, long time ago.
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A recent humerous experience buying charcoal in the winter.
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A humorous adventure where my nose recognized great cue long before our eyes could see the place.
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Some visible & not so visible improvements I've recently made to the site.
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Slideshow movies added to the site showing what I've been making these last 3 years.
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An example of truly bad and underhanded customer service from a company you might want to avoid.
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Grilled Paella Do's & Don'ts
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Impressions of my first EZ-Up shelter & why I just bought another one.
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Using the flat top griddle grate to make great toasted buns.
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How the iPad makes cooking & food photography tasks quicker & easier.
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Finding & keeping a good guestbook is proving to be problematic
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Announcement of a new section on the sites with some quick Tips, Tricks & How To's.
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Some lessons about plank grilling were reinforced during a fire on a recent cook.
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Cookbook recipes aren't always perfect. Some things to look out for.
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A redesigned Home Page that is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate.
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A new section has been added to the site showcasing the best recipes I've been fortuante enough to make over the years.
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Using a real world example to show the benefits of doing a trial run cook.
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My first combination infrared/instant read thermometer needed to be replaced. What happened and what did I replace it with?
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The Index by Name & Index by Source now indicate which Photo Entries have recipes with a free online version of the recipe available.
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Blog about changes made to the YummySoup! recipe software after the release of Version 2.
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A discussion of YummySoup! v1.0 for iOS devices, plus a tip for using the iPad for creating long text documents on your PC. Example: Transferring recipes from cookbooks to YummySoup! on the Mac.
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A Father's Day reminiscence about grilling adventures with my dad over the years and how things today are some much different than they were when I was young.
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A surprising temperature rise discovery I made while grilling a flank steak with a remote read temperature probe inserted.
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A new and very powerful app for iOS devices. It does one thing and one thing only-It tells you whether it will be raining or snowing in the next hour with a high degree of accuracy.
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How I became a Big Green Egg owner.
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Part 1 of a series of blogs about my new Big Green Egg describes the assembly process in terms of the scope of work involved. This way a potential buyer can evaluate whether they want to attempt it themselves or let the dealer do it.
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What I chose to cook and why, setting up and lighting the BGE for the first time, my goals for the cook & the results-including how they compared to the same recipe made two months ago on my gas grill.
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in the last two weeks this site has hit two significant Milestones
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My second Ez-Up shelter didn't last a whole summer, so you shouldn't do like me
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The BGE has many claims made about it. Some of which sound too good to be true. I try to set the record straight based on my first experiences on the BGE.
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My first low and slow cook was an experiment in using the BGE for low and slow, plus an experiment with a very small brisket. The BGE part was a resounding success. The small brisket-not so much
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The Big Green Egg may cost more up front, but it costs far less over time due to it's stingy use of charcoal.
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The Big Green Egg turns out the best grilled pizza I’ve ever had or made
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Before getting into a review of Eggcessories I discuss some of the issues around Accessories for the BGE and their pricing.
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These are the Eggcessories I grabbed for my new Big Green Egg in my first month of ownership. This entry is for grill related accessories such as shelves, rolling cart, tools for cleaning the grill.
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These are the Eggcessories I grabbed for my new Big Green Egg in my first month of ownership. This entry is for cooking related accessories such as grates, Platesetter and grill baskets.
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(Description of my hands on time with this iOS weather app and an exciting feature added to the Version 2 release.)
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(My first steak on the Egg was my best ever, but it was a bit of an adventure.)
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(The story behind my new permanent grill shelter.)
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(The background & planning involved with replacing the gasket on my BGE.)
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(The real world experience replacing the gasket on my BGE.)
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(See why I consider the Big Green Egg Cookbook an essential tool for using a BGE.)
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(An unexpected find seems to have solved my charcoal storage needs.}
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(Impressions after using my Egg for the first 90 days.)
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(Review of a special magazine supplement featuring baking that is actually good year round)
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(The new Maverick ET-732 has made some huge improvements over the previous model)
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(The Half Moon Griddle for the Big Green Egg.)
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(The Half Moon Raised Grid for cooking Directly & Indirectly simultaneously on the Big Green Egg.)
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(My initial steps getting set up to use a wok on the Big Green Egg.)
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(Blog about my first stir-fry cook on the Big Green Egg.)
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(I never realized the profound changes the BGE has made in both my grilling life as well as life in general.)
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(My annual look back at the major events in my past year pursuing this hobby. I also take a look ahead at what I'd like to accomplish in the year to come.)
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(I've achieved a certain comfort level with wok cooking fairly quickly. The entry covers the items I've learned are some of the keys to success.)
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(I will admit to being skeptical about all of the claims made regarding the seasoning of a wok and it's virtues. I am here to tell you it is all true. )
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A recap of what has turned out to be my best year grilling & smoking ever.
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A silly mistake resulted in temperature reading variations like I've never experienced before.
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A second Big Green Egg has joined my Grilling Family