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Just Say No to ImageShack

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This blog is a heads up about what is IMHO some simply awful customer service exhibited by the ImageShack image hosting service. I usually try to keep these blog entries related to food, but I’ve made exceptions in the past (NAME GAMES - JUST SAY NO TO GO DADDY) when I run into truly bad customer service in a computer or website related area. Many of the folks visiting this site are like minded folks who are into grilling, smoking, food photography etc. You may post some of your own images to messages boards and like me use an image hosting service such as ImageShack to host your images. The point of this blog is to tell you of my recent experience with ImageShack. Also I would suggest you should possibly NOT choose them if you are looking for a new image hosting service. Lastly if you already use them you should plan ahead for your future and what you should do if you run into the retroactive 500 image limit they are suddenly imposing. This blog entry will describe the rather poor customer service choices made by ImageShack recently where in effect they hi-jacked my images. Read More...