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Big Green Egg - Pt 19 - It Will Change Your Life

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A bold statement, I know-but I plan to prove it. Those of you who already own a Big Green Egg, well most of you already know what I am talking about and probably agree with that statement. Those of you who own other Kamado style cookers probably have an idea of what I am talking about. Those of you who don’t own a Big Green Egg are probably rolling your eyes and shaking your heads. That is if you even bothered to open this blog up and read it. Believe me I had no inkling what a profound change the Big Green Egg would make in not just my grilling life, but my life in general until 4 months ago when I purchased my Large BGE.

What got me thinking along these lines? Well every year I write a blog where I look back at the past year as well as look ahead at the year to come. I’ve been working on this blog entry off and on for the last week. I realized while writing this years entry, what a profound change the Big Green Egg has made in not only my pursuit of this hobby, but also in my life in general. None of this was planned. I thought I was getting a third grill. No more, no less.

At the time I intended the Big Green Egg to join my gas grill and smoker as an equal member of the team. It would take some of the load off the other two, where they were starting to get old. I knew the Egg was a very good grill, but I had no idea just how good. The first meal off my new Egg was the best whole chicken I’d ever made. This was soon followed by the best steak, the best pizza as well as a series of dishes I never expected to make on my grill. So let’s take a look at some of the ways a Big Green Egg will change your life in both expected and unexpected ways.

Best Cooking Tool:
The Big Green Egg is probably the best cooking tool you will ever use. I will let some of the items below show you why.

Food Comes Out Better on the Egg:
You will quickly be turning out some of the best food you’ve ever made. You are able to precisely control the heat over a wide range of temperatures-wider than either my grill or smoker. The tight seal of the ceramic cooking chamber insures most food will come out moister than any other grill you’ve used.

You Will Stop Using Your Other Grills
: I had good intentions of still using my grill and smoker when I got the Egg. But I quickly saw for myself how the Egg could do a better job than either of them. So why would you want to use something that may be harder to use and doesn’t give you as good a result? I haven’t used my smoker at all since I got my Egg. I have used my gas grill twice to heat up some corn on the cob while the Egg was doing something else.

You Will Probably Want to Get Rid of Your Other Grills:
Why keep them around if you aren’t going to use them?

You Will Stop Eating Out as Much:
The new Big Green Egg has created whole categories of food where it is tough justifying going out to restaurants serving that type of food. First it was steaks, followed by pizza, burgers, BBQ and now Stir-Fry. Me I still like eating out, because it means for once someone else is doing the cooking. But overtime I do it I must get past the thought of: “Why should we I out, when I can do it better and for less money?”

It Will Spoil Eating Out for You:
Sadly when you do get to go out, you won’t enjoy it as much as what you cook at home on the Egg. I find I have to lower my expectations and get myself to enjoy the aspect that you aren’t having to cook all this.

You Will Entertain More:
Being able to make new types of food and better versions of old favorites will tempt you to entertain more. It gives you a good excuse to have folks over and you get to use your new Egg.

You Will Buy More Eggcessories Than You ever Thought Possible:
The Egg is such a versatile grill and can do so much, you will probably end up spending far more than expected on Eggcessories (grill accessories for the BGE). You will find out quickly what a good job it does on A,B & C and will want to try D,E & F on it too. While you can get by without some Eggcessories, they do make life easier.

You Will Grill More Than Ever:
The Egg is so much easier and fun to use than I ever expected. And the results speak for themselves. As a result I am always trying to find excuses to cook something on it. Because it is far less affected by the weather, you will also want to use it more.

You Will Want Additional Eggs:
When I got my Large BGE, in the back of my mind I had the idea of getting a Small BGE some year to supplement it. Well 4 months into this Eggsperience and I am planning the purchase of my second large in the next few months. If this isn’t scary enough, I read on some of the forums where people have Eggs dedicated to one task, such as cooking pizzas or baking and I somehow understand.

You Will Expand the Range of What You Cook:
The BGE makes an excellent oven, in many ways better than the oven in my Kitchen. So I am baking fairly regularly now. I am also making dishes like Fritatta and Quche and Deep Dish Pizzas that I’ve never made anywhere before. I am making grilled pizza all of the time now, at least once a week. I’ve been using the Dutch Oven to make all kind of soups and stews. In the past couple of weeks I have started stir-frying on the Egg. These last few items all feed into each other because an increase in any one of them increases the need for the others.

You May Get the Urge to Travel:
To meet other Eggheads at the regional EggFests or the national Eggtober Fest in Atlanta. These gatherings never made sense to me very much before I owned my Egg. Now they make perfect sense.

You Will Evangelize the Egg:
To any and all who will listen. I constantly have to stop my self from going on and on about the virtues of the Egg. I try not to be one of those cult-like Eggheads who used to annoy the hell out me, before I started drinking the KoolAid myself.

And lastly:

You Will Find Many Enablers:
Who will help you rationalize all of the new behaviors you are exhibiting since you bought your new BGE. There are lots of forums with dedicated, died-in-the-wool Eggheads who not only understand your behavior, they encourage it! But one good thing, at least you know you aren’t crazy and you aren’t the only one acting like this.

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