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Big Green Egg - Pt. 7 - Eggcessories-Big Picture

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There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Accessories, often called Eggcessories, for Big Green Egg. They are made by both the Big Green Egg Company and creative 3rd party companies, often run by fellow Eggheads. I thinks this is one of the things that separates the Big Green Egg from some of the similar Kamado cookers out there: The large and healthy ecosystem of Eggcessories. The BGE came first and has been around the longest, and has the largest amount of accessories. But the other makers of Kamado cookers often have a model that is the same size as one of the models of Eggs, often the Large Egg. This means some of the Accessories for these Kamado cookers will fit the Egg and vice versa. Now some folks find all of these Eggcessories to be too pricey and feel you shouldn’t have to pay extra for them. This first part of this multi-part entry ill discuss some of these big picture controversies. If you just want to learn more about some specific Eggcessories, feel free to skip to the second entry in this series. This second Eggcessories blog entry will describe some of the Eggcessories I’ve bought for my new Egg at this point in time. I’ll also discuss which ones I think are essential and which ones I think are nice to have. But lets start with the big picture.

As mentioned before I get into specific Eggcessories, let me address something I see over and over again. One claim is actually two similar statements: “The Big Green Egg is a rather expensive grill, that you then have to buy expensive accessories for.” The other variation on this theme is “Big Green Egg accessories are way to expensive.” I respectfully disagree completely. I find these statements are made by people who either have not ever used a BGE or used them for a very short time. The latter category can often include some reviewers. They often like the Egg, but often bring up the price of the Egg and the Eggcessories. I’ve written a blog BIG GREEN EGG - PT. 5 - TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP that show the cost of the Egg to be cheaper than most conventional grills if you factor in the operating costs. The savings in fuel costs will easily pay for all those “expensive” Eggcessories. Until you use the Egg and realize it is a grill, a smoker and an oven and a damned excellent one it is easy to buy into this too expensive argument.

One disadvantage to the BGE Eggcessories is the company pretty much dictates what you will pay. Some dealers do bundles where you get some popular Eggcessories at a reduced price when you purchase the grill. I used to think the Eggcessories were way too expensive myself. But this was when I was deciding to buy my Egg. Once I made it to a dealer my opinion changed. Once I actually saw and handled the Eggcessories first hand, my opinion changed. These Eggcessories were quality products. Let me repeat: These accessories were quality products. It is unusual to see this these days when every product seems to be poorly made and least common denominator. The Eggcessories were very well built and well thought out. When I asked the dealer for the price of some of the Eggcessories, they were sometimes lower than my guess. So while I may not like the way the pricing is to some extent fixed, I think the Eggcessories will last a long time. So I would say you need to decide for yourself if you are thinking of getting an Egg. Don’t listen to others, including me. Go see for yourself. The Eggcessories use quality materials and are well built and not flimsy. They are often made specifically for the Egg as opposed to a one size fits all general purpose tool that manages to work less well for more grills. They are not gimmicks, they often extend your use of the Egg and allow you to do new and wonderful things with your Egg.

One last argument you’ll see about the Eggcessories is that things like the Platesetter should come with the Egg. The same folks who are saying this are often the same people who think the BGE is too expensive. So they would like the price of the grill reduced and some of Eggcessories thrown in for free. I think this is a bit unrealistic and unfair. The BGE is a quality product and obviously does cost more to build than the flimsy grills found in the market these days. Part of free enterprise is a company can charge whatever price they think the market will bear. The BGE is pricey at first glance, but it is three types of cookers in one, something many folks don’t fully realize until they start using it. Also as I discovered when I analyzed the cost of consumables, a BGE actually costs less over time than other grill types. I think you get good value for the money. The Big Green Egg has to fight the perception that the BGE is “too expensive” and many folks dismiss it out of hand without factoring in total cost of ownership. If the company were to bundle in some of these Eggcessories they would have to raise the price and I think this would push more people away from the Egg. I’m sure many folks get their foot in the door and buy the Egg first and figure they will Eggcessorize later. Raising the price of entry certainly isn’t going to help those folks who are having trouble paying for the Egg at it’s current price, it may price them out of the market. Lastly by keeping the Eggcessories a la carte, people are able to customize the Egg to their own specific personal needs. Most, but not all folks will want a Platesetter to help with indirect low and slow cooking and baking. Why raise the price of every Egg to bundle in the Platesetter? People who want one will be sure to buy one.

So I think many of the price arguments about the cost of the Egg and the Eggcessories are not very well informed. I harbored some of these same misconceptions before I learned more about the Egg and started using it. More knowledge and some hands-on time has changed my opinions quite a bit. Some folks will snicker and say I’ve drunken the Koolaid. I say I now have first-hand knowledge and know ALL of the facts. The Egg is pricey, but it gives excellent value for your money. Part 2 of this Eggcessories blog entry will start covering the Eggcessories starting with the ones I feel are essential for most folks.

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