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EZ-Up Version 2

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In October 2006, I bought my first EZ-Up portable shelter. It was a 10' x 10' (3m x 3m) model with a white roof and open sides. I did buy some side covers for it which I never ended up using. Each year the EZ-Up gets set up in April and comes down in early November. With this type of usage it lasted through the fall of 2011. When I took it down in the fall of 2011 one of the scissoring roof truss members broke at the joint and also tore a long hole in the tent material. This marked the end of the six year lifespan of my first EZ-Up. I spent the winter trying to decide what to do about a shelter for my grills. This blog is about my first EZ-Up and its replacement which is another EZ-Up which I just erected this weekend. I'll also discuss some of the other options that were available to me, and why I chose to stick with another EZ-Up.

At the time this was written, I expressed some concerns that the new design of this shelter, which omitted the trusses at the 4 roof ridges might not hold up as well as the older shelter that it was replacing. Sadly these fears were realized and the shelter didn’t last the summer. If you were considering following my lead here and using an EZ_UP shelter 24/7: DON”T. Please refer to my 08-18-12 blog entry: EZ_Up, EZ-Down-Don’t Try this at Home for further details.