The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke

Big Green Egg - Pt. 2- 1st Cook

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My new Big Green Egg was assembled and I was faced with an important decision: What to make for my first meal on my new baby? I was also dealing with some restrictions based on the newness of my grill. They strongly recommend you keep the temperature below about 375 F (190C) for your first couple cooks. This allows the gasket some break in time. Also I was new to not only the BGE, but direct charcoal grilling in general. I’d only used my CharGriller Smokin’ Pro as an indirect smoker. I also wanted to keep things somewhat simple so I could focus on learning the new grill. This blog entry will describe my choice of meal, my reasoning, the results and what I learned in my first session with the BGE. Read More...