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Congratulations It’s a Large!!! (My Second BGE)

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I have some great (or is it grate?) news to close out 2012. This was an amazing year, my best ever pursuing this hobby. The year just got even better, which I certainly didn’t expect. I am the proud owner of a second Large Big Green Egg, bought using Christmas cash and some leftover money from Apple’s last dividend payout. Everything is at the dealers with the exception of the base cabinet to put the new Egg on. But the cabinet is expected any day now and I couldn’t be more Eggcited.

Originally I was thinking a year or two down the road I might get a Small BGE to give me some more flexibility. I could do two types of cooking this way cooking some meat low and slow on one Egg while direct grilling some veggies on the other. Two Eggs also gave me more room if I needed to cook more food than normal. Once I got my first Large I was hooked. I haven’t used my smoker at all and only used my gas grill twice to grill some corn on the cob. And frankly this was only because the Egg was busy cooking something else at the time I needed to make the corn. So my desire to get a second Egg moved a little closer to the front burner. What got me thinking seriously about that second Egg and what pushed it to the front burner was the hurricane and tropical storms that came a week apart. While my grill gazebo, BGE and gas grill survived the storms intact, my smoke did not. The cover was ripped to shreds by the wind and one of the plastic wheels broke as the smoker was pushed around in the wind. I never looked into the cost of a replacement wheel because I didn’t even want to sink $30.00 into a new cover. The CG had a rusting side fire box and was showing signs of its age of 7 years. Since I hadn’t used it in 5 months I wasn’t going to spend any more money on it and would replace it with a second BGE. This now moved the second BGE to the front burner.

I figured I’d do something about it in February when there was another Apple stock dividend payout, but I’d actually managed to keep some money around from the last payout. Combined with cash from Christmas, I might be able to get a new Egg for Christmas. But which Egg? Originally I’d planned on a Small which came with a smaller price. But when I began evaluating my needs it seemed to make sense to go in a different direction. You see this talk of a Small came before I actually had owned and used my Large. Once I had experience with the Egg I had a totally different perspective on the matter.

This different direction I chose was to get a second Large, There are several reasons for that, but the compelling reason was so I didn’t have to purchase a bunch of Eggcessories for my new EGG. Instead I would be able to share most of my current Eggcessories between the two grills. The only grilling Eggcessory I bought a second copy of is the Plate Setter. I could see instances where I might be baking on one Egg and indirect grilling on the other. I probably have spent as much on Eggcessories as I have on my Egg. That is just a fact-I am not saying it with any malice or agenda. In fact I like that the Egg is flexible enough to allow you to use these Eggcessories to do many things with it. So while the Large costs more than a Small, I feel I more than make up for the price difference by not having to buy new Eggcessories for the Small. In addition I get more usable cooking area and a grill I already know. I will have no learning curve with a second Large.

I posted a question about this to the BGE Egghead forum and the answers served to reinforce my thinking. Now there was a very vocal minority who thought getting a Small was better because it could be used for tailgating. I suppose it would be except for one big problem: I don’t tailgate and haven’t for 15 years or more. If I ever started again I’d get a Small. But I am not going to let a “What if” that is about as likely as me being elected president influence my decision. For my real needs both now and in the future the second Large makes the most sense. The fact it gives me more at a lower price is an originally unexpected bonus.


I did spend a little of the potential savings when it came to a stand for my second Egg. This change was based on a purchase I made in the fall about a month after got my Egg. I bought an outdoor base cabinet from my BGE dealer last fall. It is 27” x 27” x 36” H (68 x 68 x 91 cm H) with a 5” drawer at the top and a door below that. It is made out of a manmade material moulded to look like wood & has a weather sealed marble top. I used to use a Black & Decker WorkMate for prep when needed and I would use full sheet pans as a work surface for the food. The new base cabinet gives me storage below the work surface for some of my Eggcessories and wood chunks. What I didn’t know at the time is this cabinet was one of a series of 10 modular cabinets. But I discovered this companies website and saw they make a 20” W x 27” D x 22” H (51 W x 68 D x 56 cm H ) unit for incorporating a Large BGE into a run of their modular outdoor Kitchen cabinets. I will be able to combine this with my existing cabinet to make a nice looking work area for my two Eggs. Plus I think the storage area under the top of this unit will be the perfect size for my two plate setters. This new cabinet is actually the hold up right now, it was not in stock and the dealer had to order it from New Jersey. The Large Egg, metals legs for installing the Egg on this counter top, plate setter and cover are all sitting at my dealer waiting for the base cabinet/stand to arrive. I’m sure the two recent snow storms along the east coast of the US haven’t helped.

Between my first Egg and all of the great meals I’ve been able to cook with it and the new grill gazebo I had built, it was already an amazing year. I can’t believe the year is finishing up on an even higher note!


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