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Happy New Year & Thanks!!

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While I have several other blog entries I was hoping to finish writing and post up for 2012, I have simply run out of time. Come back and visit the 2013 edition of my BBQ Blog for more entries. I am going to use this blog entry to wish the visitors to my site and this blog a very Happy and Healthy New Year!!

The number of viewers to this site and this blog has increased dramatically over the last year. I’m sure much of it is a result of my joining the Egghead forum which has a large amount of members and is a bustling place. Whatever the reason I am glad, because this blog is one of the ways I try to give back a little for all the help I got trying to learn the various aspects of this hobby. There is an expression I first heard in High School” “The more I learn, the less I know”. I am no expert or anything close to it on some of the topics I write about. I simply try to share what I have learned to date. This way people can learn from my experiences and mistakes. Hopefully this will help them from making the same mistakes and find new mistakes of their own to make as opposed to repeating mine.

So once again thanks to all of the visitors to this site and this blog for all of the (mostly) positive feedback you give me. If the end of this year is any indication, I will have plenty of things to write about next year. Please visit the site again in 2013. Once again I wish a Happy, Healthy & New Year to you and your family in 2013. I hope you have Grate Expectations for the coming year.

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