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New Section-Tips, Tricks & How To's

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I’m going to use this blog entry to describe a new section called “Tips” which i added to the site this week. Technically it should be called “Tips, Tricks & How To’s”, but that takes up way too much room on the Menu Bar. The germ of this idea was planted less than a week ago. Before that I had no idea I was going to add this section. Frankly while I like the idea, I am not sure how often I will be doing new entries. Although I said something similar the first year of my blog and I have been writing it for seven years now.
So how did this all come about and what’s it all about? Well the origins are the BIG BOB GIBSON’S BAR-B-QUE CHICKEN I made last week. When I told people it used a spatchcocked whole chicken I got a wide range of reactions. Most of the time it involved some variation on “What the heck is that” or if they knew it meant butterflying the chicken they asked if it was hard to do. The bottom line was most folks didn’t know how to spatchcock a chicken, even if they knew what it meant. I learned the technique in a free cooking class I took at Williams-Sonoma and it really isn’t that hard to do. I was going to being taking pictures of the Bob Gibson’s chicken prep, soI decided to take the time to take a few extra pictures to document the process. I was originally going to do some sort of sidebar page linked to the main photo entry page. Then it dawned on me there were probably some other techniques I could document in a new section on the site. Thus was born the new “Tips, Tricks & How To’s” section of the site or “TIPS” on the menu bar.

The next day I shot some pictures for the how to tie a Butcher’s Knot entry and I was off. I began thinking of other candidates for this section to help flesh it out beyond just two entries. One of the reasons I was thinking of using existing content was shooting the pictures for the first two entries took considerably longer than I expected. I was beginning to have doubts about whether I’d want to continue doing this going forward. As I began thinking about blog entries that might be suitable for inclusion in this section, I came up with 5 short blogs I’d written over the years with short tips suitable for inclusion in this section. One of the things I ‘d was enlarge some of the pictures illustrating the techniques. When they were written as blog entries I used 300x225 pixels maximum for the images. For this new section I wanted to use 640x480 for any pictures illustrating a particular techniques. So as you will see I’ve enlarged the appropriate pictures for the repurposed blog entries. The new size helps you see the technique being used.

This section is going to contain several types of tips beyond just food prep tips like the HOW TO SPATCHCOCK A CHICKEN type entry. I’m also going to include some tips where I describe using your gear in new ways. An example of this would be the FOODSAVER BAG TIP where I describe how FoodSaver bags make great custom sized no-leak bags for marinating. Another entry will describe using your food photos to help you with prep.

At this point the new section contains 7 entries. I’ve already thought of a few new subjects for inclusion here and a few blog entries suitable for inclusion. I’ve enabled Commenting for this new section, so please use it to tell me what you think of the various tips specifically and the section in general. If this section seems like it is proving to be helpful to people I will be sure to try to keep it active.

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