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I’ve added a feature to the iIndex by Name and Index by Source that should make your use of the site easier. Many times when people visit my site for the first time, they’ll look at some of the picture entries and the first question they ask is: “When I go back and visit you’ll have all the recipes there?”. Well not exactly. I am not a recipe aggregation site with collections of recipes by other folks. This site houses pictures of the various recipes I’ve made and not necessarily the recipes themselves. I like food pictures and so I shoot pictures for my own enjoyment and to share with others so they can see how a given recipe looks as you go along. I am a firm believer that people who write recipes for cookbooks deserve compensation for their efforts. If they make some money, they will write more cookbooks. So my Photo Entries give attribution to the recipe name and page from the cookbook the recipe originates from. If the recipe author ALSO makes the recipe available free online, then I also list the link to the online version of the recipe.

I have always provided links to the online version of the recipe on the Photo Entry pages. What is new as of today is I’ve gone through and added an RA (Recipe Availably) symbol at the end of the listing, for any item where the Photo Entry page has a link for an online version of the recipe. This was as you are looking through the Index by Name (recipe Name) or Index by Source (Recipe’s Cookbook or Website) you will know which ones will provide you with an online link for the recipes. Even if the author of a cookbook makes a version of their recipe available online, I urge you to buy their books so they will keep turning out great recipes for all of us to use and enjoy.

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