The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
Dutch Oven

Dutch Oven 2

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Sometimes it is strange how things work out. In late November I wrote a blog entry about Dutch ovens. In that blog entry I mentioned that I had no idea how much I would actually use a Dutch Oven and my one regret was not getting a bigger size. Writing about Dutch Ovens caused me to have a conversation with my Father-In-Law about Dutch Ovens and how I loved mine and wished I got a bigger one. Somehow this information got to my wife and one week later I was buying a new Dutch Oven for my Christmas present from my wife. When I looked into Le Creuset Dutch Ovens online I found they had recently revamped the line with several improvements that were news to me. This blog title is a bit of a play on words. It is my second blog on Dutch Ovens, my second Dutch Oven and an improvement to the classic Le Creuset Dutch Oven. This blog will focus on what is new and improved in the new line of Le Creuset Signature Series French Ovens. Read More...