The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke

Looking Back, Looking Ahead - 2012

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This marks the 7th year where I am writing a blog near the end of the year summing up the past year. It contains several “Top 5” barbecue related lists from prior years: “Top 5 Cooks”, “Top 5 Things I’ve Learned”, “The Top 5 Mistakes Made”, and a list of “Top 5 Goals for the New Year”. In 2009 I made a change to the format and added a new list. As I have gotten better at this hobby, I was lucky enough to have made some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten. Since these items were also some of my favorite foods, they would automatically have to be listed as the Top 5 cooks this year. There were a lot of other great meals I made that deserved so acknowledgment. So the category I added in 2009 for “Top 5 New Items Cooked” is now a permanent item. It is intended for recipes using new foods or new techniques that turned out great. In 2010I added the category: “Top 5 Grilling/Smoking Related Events”. I think it will also be a permanent category but it will have a slightly different focus once again in 2012. I was not able to get out and attend and festivals, but I will list some items that were important to my pursuit of this hobby. Since I’ve been doing many more multi-item cooks where I grilled or smoked the entire meal, including dessert. the new 2011 category for “Top 5 Sides & Desserts” is also permanent. This year I got an iPad and between my iPad and iPhone I’ve become quite reliant of several apps to help with my cooking. So this year I am adding a new category for “Top 5 iPad/iPhone apps. Read More...