The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
Recipe Problems

A Recipe for Failure

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An alternate title for this blog entry/rant could be: “When Bad Things Happen to Good Recipes.” I’m going to talk about the all too frequent mistakes found in cookbooks and group them by types. Now before I get on a roll here let me get something straight. I may be critical of some mistakes I’ve found in recipes and call them out in this blog, but I am in no way trying to claim I am somehow superior to the folks who write the genuinely great recipes I’ve used to grill and smoke the food on this site. I have the utmost respect for these fine folks. On my best day they could run rings around me without their breaking a sweat. But they are human, as are their editors, proof-readers and all the other folks it takes to write and publish a cookbook. As well all know humans make misteaks (bad spelling intended). Read More...