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A Little Recognition

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In the past couple months a couple of fun things have happened relating to pictures of meals I have posted on this site. Two of my picture posts were linked to by cooking personalities on their Facebook pages. Since the normal course of events is I look at and admire things these folks create, it was nice to see they enjoyed something I made. It may be that this is of interest to an audience of ONE - me, but then again this IS MY BLOG. So feel free to read on or move on.

The first item is a cook I did back in the spring of 2012. It was
CEDAR PLANKED BURGERS & CEDAR PLANKED STEAK FRIES. This tasty recipe was courtesy of Gary House’s Cooking Everything Outdoors Podcast. At the beginning of this year he did another podcast for a fun looking cedar plank recipe called: APRICOT CRANBERRY STUFFED PORK LOIN. This interesting recipe used a cedar boat ( a cedar plank with sides) and I had to email Gary House to get some dimensional information about the cedar planks. I sent Gary House the picture links for when I made the CEDAR PLANKED BURGERS & CEDAR PLANKED STEAK FRIES and mentioned how much I enjoyed them. I got an email from Mr. House asking me if he could place the links on his Facebook Wall. I said: “Sure” and a few days later there they were. This was a fun reversal of roles for me. I am used to watching people like Gary House make recipes on TV or in podcasts and here was a case where they admired something of theirs that I made.




The second occurrence was about a month ago. I posted pictures on Steven Raichlen’s Barbecue Bible Message board from when I made the
OUR PERFECT BURGERS recipe from WICKED GOOD BURGERS. As the recipe called for I ground my own ground beef, baked the rolls and made two condiments. I got an email from a grilling friend of mine telling me Stephen Raichlen had posted a link to my burger post on his Facebook Wall. This one I knew nothing about because I am not a social media person. This blog is about as social as I get. This referral surprised me a little bit because the recipe was not one of Steven’s own recipes. Now granted the link pointed back to my post on HIS message board, but it wasn’t one of his recipes. I got my start in “Serious Grilling” 10 years ago thanks to him and I have all of his cookbooks. I admire his work immensely and I like his down to earth approach on his TV shows. He is not about flash and “BAM” and who he knows. Instead he gets right to the recipes and you will get 3-4 recipes per show because he focusses on the food and not him as the cook. So it was fun for me when someone I really admire, liked something I did well enough to refer to it.



There you have it. Just a few minutes of fun where someone who’s work you admire, recognized something you did. No more no less. I am not quitting the day job, or not getting a swelled head. It was a few minutes of inner satisfaction and life returns to normal.


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