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I Took the Weekend Off

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While I haven’t been posting here I have been using my Egg quite a bit to make stir fry’s. I’ve been playing with several of the recipes in an effort to perfect my techniques. But here is one day I decided to take off. The so-called “Blizzard of 2013” arrived on Friday and lasted into Saturday afternoon. It was an amazing and at times frightening storm. while the Big Green Egg might have been up for the conditions, I decided I certainly wasn’t and took the weekend off from grilling. I thought I’d share a few pictures about the conditions.

To give credit where credit is due, the weather forecasters had this storm pegged for nearly a week and it evolved just as they said it would. This storm fell within the Top 5 storms in this region. It started midday Friday and lasted through midday Saturday. It brought snowfall at the rate or 1”, 2”, 3” and even 4” (2,5, 5, 7,5 or 10 cm) per hour for many hours straight. There were times where travel was impossible and the governor of Massachusetts put a ban on all non-essential travel for 24 hours during the storm. The winds were amazing, 40-50 MPH (64-80 km/h) sustained winds for several hours during the early morning. There was a 75 MPH (120 km/h) wind gust recorded one town away from here and the storm was essentially a winter hurricane except for how it formed. This storm didn’t start in the tropics and come throughout the Caribbean and travel up the East coast of the US. Instead two storms, one backed with cold air from the North met up a storm backed with warm moist air from the South met up right over Massachusetts and formed a monster storm which had many of the characteristics of a hurricane. We ended up with 27” (0.68 m) of snow, but with all of the blowing and drifting it was an average in my yard. The wind was blowing from the street towards my backyard and the woods behind my house. We had 12-15” (30 cm - 38 cm) of snow in the front yard and around 36” (92 cm) of snow out back.

This is the third storm we have had up here this year where the winds reached hurricane or near hurricane force winds of 74 MPH (118 km/h) or greater. So far my new permanent grill gazebo has been up the task of withstanding the winds. With the wind blowing the snow sideways I had 18” (45 cm) of snow even in the deepest recesses of the area the grill gazebo covers. I proved I am a dedicated griller at heart when I cleared the grill area of snow first so I could grill up some burgers and got around to doing the driveway later.

Onto the Before, During and After pictures….





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