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Index by Grill - Site Improvement

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This past week I’ve added a new Navigation aid to make navigating the site easier fro some folks. When I started this site, I had no idea how big it would grow to. I am grilling year round day and night far more than I ever imagined. As a result there are more entries than I ever imagined. I’ve also found recently that folks are using the site in a different way than I imagined. As a result I’ve added a new type of index: a so-called INDEX OF GRILLS.

When I joined the Egghead forum in October, I put the URL to this site in my signature at the bottom of every message I posted. As a result the usage of the site went up quite a bit. People were also sending me feedback via the Contact form. I found many folks were visiting the site to get ideas for things to make on their own Eggs. I also found there were folks who were looking for things to do on their gas grills or smoker and NOT the Egg. Actually all of this was a bit surprising to me, because the reality is most of the things you can cook on the Egg , you can cook on a grill or smoker. The reverse is true too, With one exception, the items I have grilled or smoked can all be cooked on the Egg. The exception is rotisserie grilled items. It is true you can’t use a rotisserie on the Egg but most of these recipes has a way of cooking the food indirectly as well.

But despite the fact I didn’t anticipate this particular usage by my visitors, I did adapt. I heard from enough people that were looking for ideas for things to cook on their grills or smokers or BGE’s that I decided to create an index of the various recipes I’ve cooked grouped by the three grills or smokers I’ve used to make them on. The recipes are arranged alphabetically under each grill and there are also some headings for major food groups or cooking methods such as Pizza or Stir-Fry.

This new index came about as the direct result of feedback sent to me over the last few months via the CONTACT ME form, where you can send an email to me. The link is in the main menu. Please feel free to use the
CONTACT ME link or add a comment to a blog to give me some feedback or suggestions. While this is my site, I do want to make it easy to use for you the end user.

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