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Please excuse the bad pun. The intent of this blog post was to get people caught up on what has been going on behind the scenes here and one of the items is the new Condiments section. The site has been stagnant for 2 months. Now thatI am posting again, there are some changes to the site I wanted to make people aware of. Some of the changes are the reasons why it took longer than expected for me to actively post new picture entries or blog entries. Many of the reasons are related to the size and internal structure of this website and how adding new sections or moving items between sections is a somewhat major effort. As you will discover, I’ve added two new sections and I can tell you I have moved a half dozen entries around. So although I have had new content for 2 weeks now, I wanted to make all of the internal changes before I updated the active version of the site.

New Kitchen:
Those of you who saw my blog entry NEW KITCHEN were aware that my Kitchen was completely renovated, starting in April. I took the Kitchen out of service during this time period. So from mid-March to about two weeks ago I was not able to use my indoor Kitchen and so I was not able to use my outdoor Kitchen. The work is now done and it came out great. I am so much more efficient using the new Kitchen. I took daily pictures throughout the construction. While doing this I was debating whether I would post any of these on the site, and in what form: blog item(s), new section (like the grill gazebo section) or not at all. Well the grill gazebo gave me my answer. While the grill gazebo is not a food related item at first blush, it actually does influence my cooking. The grill gazebo gives me a sheltered area year round to cook in. Unless we are having severe weather, I have no excuse not to cook outdoors. So the grill gazebo does play a big part in my outdoor cooking activities. What room has more influence on your outdoor cooking than your Kitchen? So I have added a new picture entry in the media section of the site called NEW KITCHEN. It shows some before and after pictures, highlights some features and shows some of the storage accessories t have picked up to maximize my storage capabilities.

Wicked Good Burgers:
A few days into the Kitchen renovation process I picked up this amazing cookbook. It covered all things burgers with great depth. It covers everything from grinding your own meat to baking your own buns to making your own condiments. It also has recipes for sides and desserts. I will do a blog where I review this great cookbook very soon. I was drooling and frustrated reading this book while my Kitchen and BGE was out of service. Since the Kitchen has gone back into service I have made 4 burgers from this amazing cookbooks.

New Condiments Section:
In the last 2 weeks I’ve made several great condiments recipes from Wicked Good Burgers. One of the by products of this was my decision to add a specific section featuring some of the best homemade condiment recipes I’ve made from Wicked Good Burgers and other cookbooks. This new section is called, logically enough: CONDIMENTS

500th Picture Post:
When I was updating the number of picture posts on the home page, I found my recent flurry of burger related cooks had pushed me over the 500 picture post mark. I will admit this totally amazes me, both the fact I’ve made all of that food and then I’ve eaten it all.

There have been a lot of other things going on and I will cover those in blog entries going forward. Let me just say: I will not run out of blog topics for the foreseeable future.

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