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New Kitchen!!

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I have been neglecting the site a little bit lately, and this will continue for a few months moving forward. Usually when I have to do this, it is because I am swamped with work or sometimes family health issues. This time it is for an exciting reason: My Kitchen is being remodeled. It is not just the Kitchen cabinets, it is also the floors, walls and ceiling. Because the indoor Kitchen will be out of commission for nearly two months it will curtail my use of the Egg. When I don’t update the site as regularly as usual, I will often get contacted via the contact form by folks asking if everything is alright. So for those of you who have noticed I am not posting pictures of new cooks or updating my blog, all is well. Anyone who wants to learn a little more, read on.

The Kitchen was the first room I wanted to renovate when I moved into this house years ago. It had the worst wallpaper and paint colors I have ever seen. The floor was a horrible yellow sheet vinyl and the counter was the yellow plastic laminate with a dark thin brick backsplash you see in the photos on this site. The cabinets and appliances were original to the house, circa 1962. The cabinets were actually good quality cabinets for their day, but were dark colored and dated looking. Within a couple months of moving in I had removed the wall paper and repainted the walls and ceiling. Over the years I looked into having the cabinets refaced, because they were actually very well constructed. But the cost of entry was always too much. Fast forward to the last few years. I’d gotten more serious about my grilling and smoking which meant I had more grilling & cooking tools, plus spices, sauces and condiments around. I’d run out of space. I turned a closet into a home for my grilling tools, but with the addition of first one then two Big Green Eggs I added more grilling accessories. Also in the last few years I’ve taken up baking, meaning more space required for baking pans, bowls, flours etc. Then in November I took up stir frying and suddenly I needed room for an Asian pantry.

I stored many of my Asian spices in some plastic storage bins stored on my cellar stairs, hardly an ideal solution. The was a small table in the Kitchen on a blank wall across from the main run of cabinets. Lately the table was not being used as a table, but served as an overflow area for all of the excess items I’ve collected. I was looking at removing the table and adding some wall cabinets on this blank wall. This morphed into adding a new floor and eventually became a new Kitchen. Fortunately I know an architect (me). I drew up plans for the entire scope of work and got prices. The work was even more money than I had projected, but I was able to make some changes to get the price in line. The highlights of the new Kitchen include about 50 percent more base and wall cabinet space, 33 percent more countertop, new tile floor, new granite countertop, new stainless steel sink & spray hose faucet, new wood trim and the walls & ceiling repainted. The cabinets will be Shaker style with a medium dark cherry finish. I couldn’t be more excited about this sudden turn of events which only just came up in the last month. The only downside, is with our Kitchen out of commission to do prep, my use of my grills will be limited or non-existent. But that is a miniscule price to pay for many years of an improved cooking experience.

Below are some CAD drawings of the proposed work, and I will probably post some progress photos along the way. But as mentioned there probably won’t be many new food photo entries posted again until at least May. As for my blog I’ve got a couple entries coming up in the short run. After that if I have something worth posting, I will otherwise I will resume in May. In the meantime feel free to visit some of the previous years blogs, much of the info found there is not dated.


The Kitchen floor plan. The new cabinets are at the bottom of the plan on the wall adjacent to the stair.


The Floor Finish Plan. The new tile floor pattern will use a 6” x 6” border tile with a 12” x 12” field tile on the diagonal. A 2” x 2” version of the tile will replace the existing dark thin brick & will be used as the backsplash between the base & wall cabinets.


Kitchen Elevations. The top elevation on this sheet shows the existing cabinets being replaced in kind.


Kitchen Elevations.The upper elevation on this sheet shows the new base & wall cabinets being added.


Some 3D perspective views of the new Kitchen.


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