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EGGtoberfest XVII - Comapany Store Tent

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This year I am dividing up my blogs about Eggtoberfest into more bite-sized pieces. It makes them faster to get up and folks can pick and choose what topics interest them. My first blog describe my visit to the BGE brick-and-mortar retail store at the Mothership in Tucker, GA. This blog will describe the BGE retail store which gets set up at Eggtoberfest in a VERY large tent.


The Parking Area (1) wraps around two sides of the grounds. The Cook’s Area (3) is accessed after entering the grounds. Area (2) contains most of the BGE Company related tents including the Company Store (2a), the Demo Stage (2b) and the Culinary Partner’s Cooking Tent (2c) .

Panorama - Store Tent, Demo Tent & Cooks Tent
PANORAMA 1 - 180 degree view: Store Tent, Demo Tent & Cook’s Tent

The site for EGGtoberfest is divided into two halves, left and right. There is a fence separating the two areas. On the left are all of the cook’s tents, some cooling tents for people to sit and rest, a stage and some drink tents. This is where the people who buy Cook’s tickets are assigned spots where they set up their cooking area and pop-up tents. The right half of the site has the registration tent and swag bag tent towards the front near the main entrance gates. Continuing on you pass the Happy Belly catering truck with its built-in BGE. Then beyond the Happy Belly truck and the swag bag tents, there is a U-shaped formation of tents around a large open area off to the right. The entrance into this area is on one of the short sides of the rectangular open area. At the opposite end on the other short side of the open area is a tent use for the cooking demos. It measures 36 x 36 feet and it does not take up the short side of the open-space. Along the two long sides of this open-space are too very long tents of equal length. The one on the right houses Dizzy Pig Spices and various celebrity chefs hang out there and cook as well. Running down the left-hand side of the large open area is the Big Green Egg Store. You enter it down near the stage and exit at the far and of the tent closest to the entrance to the large open area I've been describing.


As you enter the far end of the tent there is an opening on the opposite side of the tent that brings you out to a faux deck area containing multiple Big Green Eggs. Last year several of them were set up to demo the Big Green Egg branded pit controllers. This year I could see smoke coming from several of the Large Eggs, but I have no idea what they were being used for. This year they had a table containing both a Mini-Max and a Mini. Quite a lot of folks were interested in the Mini-Max. There always seem to be people gathered in front of this display. There was also a Mini-Max sitting on the side table of one of the BGE branded tables.The tent seems to have about twice the floor area of the brick-and-mortar BGE Company store in Tucker. This is to be expected since I'm sure this tent draws FAR more people than the store in Tucker, even on its busiest day. It is said the intent of the store is to have all of the EGGcessories in the BGE product line on display. I can say they had at least as many products as the store in Tucker. In fact I spotted a few short sleeve t-shirts that I didn't see on my visit to the store on Friday. On the short end of the tent, located at the far end of the tent away from the entrance, is the checkout area. Once you have checked out, you leave the tent and are back at the entrance to the large open area for this collection of tents I've been describing. The tent draws a large amount of people but with the wide aisles it didn't seem too claustrophobic. Members of the BGE retail staff were circulating around the tent making sure people could find whatever it was they were looking for.

While the company store tent does seem to have at least one of everything, depending on where you traveled from and how, will determine if you buy anything and how much. If you came to EGGtoberfest by car, you could go ahead and stock up. If you are like me and travel by plane and have a small amount of checked baggage, you may have to have a more modest wishlist. Last year there were some EGGcessories I still didn't have that I wanted. I left some room in my suitcase when I packed so if I did find some things, I could bring them home in my suitcase. I did pick up the EGGcessories I needed that would fit in my suitcase. Let me mention one thing to consider: many of the candles, Christmas lights and other BGE shaped trinkets bare a startling resemblance to hand grenades when you are putting your baggage through the X-ray machine at the airport. You may be subjecting yourself to extra special attention and an extra thorough search of both you and your luggage. Don't ask me how I know this. Even if you don't buy anything you'll have the opportunity to see it and hold it in your hands before you order it from the company store or your local BGE dealer. I also saw couples in the store where are whoever the Egger of the family was spent time dropping not-so-subtle hints about potential Christmas gifts or out right showing their significant others something and saying this is what to get me.

Another potential consideration is price. I noticed last year when I was still quite familiar with the cost of the various EGGcessories, that the prices out at the show seem to be higher than what I was used to seeing. Items costing around $20 we're price closer to $25 and items in the $50 dollar range seemed $5-$10 higher. I will admit to being a little put off by this at the time. I have since had some time to think more about it, and I am less bothered. There could be several valid reasons for higher prices. The first is the company sets the price that the dealer must sell the Eggs for. They also set the price for some of the more popular EGGcessories. Any remaining items can have the price set by the local dealers. So it may be I've seen lower prices because a particular dealer has lowered prices. A more likely explanation is simply to cover the cost of setting the store up for one day. The company must move everything they sell out to this tent, and then return whatever didn't sell back to the warehouse. Additionally they must pay they have the tent set up including all the shelving and display systems they need to use. This could certainly explain the slightly higher price tags too. When I thought about it in those terms I felt it was a fair exchange. You are getting to see all of the EGGcessories side-by-side as seeing them in the flesh as well as being able to hold them. There is a cost to the company of providing this convenience for you and it is reasonable to expect that they will pass it onto the buyer.

So if you are at EGGtoberfest the store is definitely worth the trip - even if you don't plan to buy anything. Seeing the contents of the BGE catalog in the flesh and all-in-one place can be very useful. Often it is hard to get a sense of scale for some of the items in the catalog. How big is it actually, how much does it weigh and even how does it feel in your hand? Plus during the two years I've been going, the company store tent has had display models of the XXL and the Mini-Max before they're official release dates. And if you have a question about a particular EGGcessory, Who better to answer it for you than someone who works at the BGE Company store at the headquarters? Originally I was going to skip the retail store this year. It was a combination of been there, done that and not really needing any EGGcessories. What drew me in was being able to see some Mini-Maxes on display. Once inside I found myself window-shopping and enjoying the time spent doing it.

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