The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
Cold Weather Cooking

Terrible Weather, Terrific Cook

Recently I emerged from a period where I was having various temperature control issues, both during start up and while cooking. I have detailed these in a series of blogs which I will provide links for at the bottom of this entry. This blog is a bit of a hybrid in that it covers 3 aspects of a recent low and slow cook in very bad weather. First it helped show me I am past my various issues as long as I do things right. Secondly, it also gave some more ammunition to a recent theory about how the Looftlighter lights the fire in a totally different manner than the paraffin starters I was using before. Third, on his day I was making a new dish in very bad weather and the Big Green Egg once again showed what a great cooker it can be. Read More...

Cold Hard Facts

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This blog entry will discuss some discoveries I made during a series of low and slow cooks on my Big Green Egg. Discoveries is a polite way of saying mistakes or bad decisions. But I also find you often learn more from your mistakes, the from your successes. The Big Green Egg (and other Kamado grills) are somewhat unique in how they cook. Some of my problems were caused by my going by past experience with my CG Smokin' Pro horizontal offset barrel smoker. Things that were the solutions to the problems on the CG, made matters worse on the Eggs. Fortunately I was able to fudge my way out of it in a couple cases. In another case, I just happened to have two Eggs going at the same temperature at the same time and was able to transfer the flag as it were. I figured some of my discoveries might be of benefit to other Big Green Egg users who haven't run into these situations before. Read More...