The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
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Getting Better All The Time - Pt. 1

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Recently I have been on quite the roll, and I don't mean the larger than normal amount of rolls that I have been baking. What I am referring to is I have been on a streak where I am turning out some of the best foods I've grilled smoked or baked. It isn't just me saying this. The folks I have been serving this food too are the ones who keep saying this too, and it is nearly unanimous. My Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years & Easter dinners have gotten rave reviews. Same with many of the normal meals in between the holidays. I have begun to feel embarrassed as I post the picture entries here and keep saying: "My guests felt this was the best ______ I've ever made." Don't worry I have not become a legend in my own mind. But the food really has been getting better, despite some technical issues I was fighting for 3 months or so. I am my toughest critic most days, and even I have noticed a difference. This multi-part blog is my attempt to look at what has been going right and wrong, and share some of my thoughts in the hope of helping others. This entry will cover how to get started in this hobby and how to get yourself pointed in the right direction. Part 2 will cover Grills & Grilling and Part 3 will discuss Smokers & Smoking. The Final Part will cover some things I’ve learned about Baking on the Big Green Egg. Read More...