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EGGtoberfest XVII Bound

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I am happy to say for the second year in a row I will be attending EGGtoberfest XVII on Columbus Day weekend. I’ve already got the plane tickets, hotel, rental car and most importantly the event tickets. Last year I made a little mini-vacation out of the trip, arriving a day early and staying two days after. That is the plan again this year as Columbus Day is a 3-day holiday weekend for us. There have been a few tweaks made to it this year which I will discuss briefly below. At the end of this blog are links to several blog entries I wrote in 2013 about my first trip to an EGGtoberfest. They may be helpful to folks who are considering going and don’t know what to expect.

I had mentioned some changes and it turned out the biggest one was the Marriott Stone Mountain Inn was not available for folks attending the event. Last year I and many attendees stayed here and last years Meet and Greet event the night before was held at the inn. I noticed when the first information was posted about the event in the spring, the Stone Mountain Inn was not listed as one of the local hotels. When the specific information was posted about the day tickets would go on sale, there was a notice that there was NOT a block of rooms available like last year. They said individuals may be able to get rooms, but none were reserved. I am not sure what is going on here. I can think of several possibilities:

  • The Big Green Egg Company may have reserved a block of rooms and they didn't all get used, so the company lost money on this. Judging by the amount of people at the hotel that were wearing Egg gear, I doubt this was the case.
  • It is also possible they decided to set these rooms aside for their own folks or VIPs attending the event. It is certainly more convenient being at the site instead of having drive out from Atlanta every day.
  • This hotel is a conference/event center. Perhaps there was a conference or wedding booked here for this weekend this year. It is a good weekend for something like this because it is a 3-day weekend for some folks. Things like this often get booked a year or more in advance. So perhaps the hotel was free last year, but already booked for this year.

I was able to get a room at a Holiday Inn Express that is the closest "off-site" hotel. There is another Marriott Property on the site, but it is nothing special and I couldn't see paying $260.00 for a room that was small and nothing special. The Holiday Inn Express is just across the street from the park entrance. The room rate was about half of the other on site hotel. The Holiday Inn Express is actually closer to the part of the park where the EGGtoberfest is held, than the Stone Mountain Inn. It looks like the Meet and Greet is still at the Stone Mountain Inn, but it will be interesting to see if it is in the same location. Last year it was on a rear deck that wraps around the conference center area of the hotel. The deck was filled to overflowing until they opened up several of the function rooms which were set up with tables and chairs. There was a step in the registration process about agreeing to not taking alcoholic beverages off the premises. I don't remember that from last year and it made me wonder if perhaps they might be planning to set up in the parking area this time around. I could be adding 2 + 2 and getting 5. But it did seem like they needed to improve the size of the Meet and Greet area slightly.

The other change that came up when the tickets went on sale is the start time for EGGtoberfest on Saturday was pushed back from 9:00 to 9:30 AM. Not not a biggie since the event lasts nearly 6 hours. Speaking of tickets, the Cooks tickets sold out in a matter of days. This is rather amazing when you think of it. The cooks are paying more for their tickets, paying for their own food and acting as unpaid sales people for the Big Green Egg company. I don't even think they get first dibs on the once-used demo eggs that are sold off as a discounted package at the end of the show. You've got to hand it to the folks from the Big Green Egg company, this is a brilliant marketing strategy. Get some of your most enthusiastic users to help you market your product and pay for it. I like the idea that you are getting folks who think they are really good cooking with the Egg cooking food for you.

So that is it for now. I'm sure I'll write something up after attending EGGtoberfest XVII on October 11.

Here are some links to 2013 blog entries I wrote about my first trip to the “big one” EGGtoberfest XVI in Stone Mountain, GA.


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