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Favorites Section Revised

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This blog entry will serve to describe the recent update and improvements made to the Favorite Food area on the site. The update included expanding the number of food types covered as well as updating the area to reflect some of the meals I have made in the last two years since getting my Big Green Eggs. Adding the Big Green Egg has resulted in my making all sorts of new food types and I have been making some of my best meals since then. Here is a little more information and an idea of what to expect from the new section.

I would often have people contact me and ask what my favorite ____________ was. In 2011 I wrote what turned out to be a seven-part blog entry called “A Few of My Favorite Things”. My original intent was to keep the entries to a similar size. So some of them featured one food type where I had lots of entries: Beef or Pork for example. Other sections grouped several types of similar food categories where I had smaller amounts of entries to choose from.

ORIGINS-New Section:
When I switched the site over from iWeb to RapidWeaver I used this blog series as the starting point for a new Favorite Foods area on the site. One of the disadvantages of having Favorite Foods as a blog entry was it essentially faded away and vanished as the blog entry got older. By giving Favorites their own section, the entries didn’t fade away in exposure over time like blog entries do. I used the same material and kept the same organization as the blog series. I did update some of the entries to reflect a few dishes I’d made which were new favorites. I was never 100 percent happy with this state of affairs. I had my hands full updating the entire site so I told myself I would get back to it at a future date. It took me 3 years to get back to this task, but I finally did it.

REVISION 1 - Organization:
One of the limitations of sticking with the organization of the original blog entries is some sections potentially could start to become way too long. Specifically the categories that contained several food types could have grown enough that they should now have their own page. Keeping these sections grouped together no longer made sense. I decided to give every food type it’s own individual page. The sections could be as bog or small as they needed to be to suit the material. Also you didn’t need to know what group I had assigned some of the sections to. Up until now you had to know that sandwiches belonged to a group entitled “Food Served on Bread”. Now for Sandwiches, you log to the Sandwiches section-what a concept. Also if I add some new food type I simply give it a new section page.

REVISION 2 - New Sections Added:
With the arrival of my first Big Green Egg I started making some new types of food on the Egg such as Stir Fries. I was able to add a page for the Other Section. Soon Appetizers will have enough entries I will create a page for them.


REVISION 3 - Favorites Starred in Their Photo Entry:
In the sidebar of the Photo Pages for all of the entries that have been named Favorites you will find a star symbol and a Favorite Tag, This way if you go to a Photo Page without coming through the Favorites Page, you will know that the entry you are looking at is special.

REVISION 4 - Ranked/Unranked:
This time around I have provided rankings for items in categories such as Beef, Pork, Poultry etc. which have a large number of entries. Food groups with smaller numbers of entries I have pulled out some favorite items without ranking them. For a few of these unranked favorites categories I have called out several items that were particularly good. These are items I could tell would be at the top of any list I make even when I have more entries in the future to choose from.

REVISION 5 - Updated:
Knowing I intended to update the Favorites Section, I was a bit reluctant to update individual Favorites until I made the update to the entire section. Meanwhile since getting my first Big Green Egg I have made some of my best meals ever. So as of this date all of the sections are up to date. It will be easier to keep them current going forward.

So please visit the new, and hopefully improved, Favorites Section and let me know what you think. You can use the
CONTACT FORM to send me any feedback you may have.


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