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Maverick ET-733 - Foul Up

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This brief blog entry shall serve as a Follow Up to a problem (Foul Up) I encountered with my new Maverick ET-733 remote read thermometer which I REVIEWED in a Blog Entry earlier this year. I encountered a problem, which it seems like others are having, where the receiver unit runs down batteries even though it is turned off. Maverick took care of repairing it under warrantee so all is good there. But I thought I would bring it up for folks who may not use the unit much. Maybe you are waiting for better weather, I don’t know. Bottom line: If you have one of these units, you might want to use it a few times to make sure you don’t have the problem. And if you do it will still be under warrantee when you discover it.

I used the Maverick ET-733 and turned off the receiver and transmitter unit. A week later I went to use it and the receiver unit didn’t come on. Or at least I thought it didn’t come on. When I looked closely I could barely see the LCD screen and the battery status was at the lowest level. I put in fresh batteries. Fast forward a week. I fired the unit up and encountered the same thing. i got mad at myself and figured I must have forgotten to turn the unit off. I put in fresh batteries. Two weeks went buy and I used it again and guess what? Dead batteries again. I was puzzled because this time I knew I turned it off. I happened to be visiting the Egghead forum on the Big Green Egg website and I saw a post from someone having my problem. There were replies from others having the problem too. Just to make sure, I installed fresh batteries in the receiver, used it and then triple checked I had turned it off. A week later same drill.

I called Maverick customer support. They asked when I bought it and told me I would need to ship the unit back to them. They would look at it and turn it around in 1 business day. They would either repair my unit or send me a replacement unit. So I took off the detachable stand and put it in a padded envelope and mailed it back to them First Class Mail which took 2 days. I was able to track the package. Maverick received it on a Thursday and by Friday they had sent me back a replacement unit which I received Monday. I have used the unit 3 times since then with zero problems.

First of all be sure to hang on to your sales receipt and keep it in a safe place where you will find it again. Be sure to try the unit. Even if you aren’t going to be cooking with it for a while try it out. The first couple times it happened to me I blamed other things for the problem. If you are an occasional user you could be beyond your warrantee before you decide your unit is defective. This wasn’t just an issue for me. You can find posts on various message boards on the internet with others having the same issue.Turn the unit on, synch it with it’s transmitter and let it run for an hour or two. Turn it off, and double check you turned it off. Then try it a week or so later. Do this several times to make sure the receiver is working correctly.

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