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Draft Door

New & Improved Draft Door - Install

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As I wrote in my blog entry CRACKED EGG, the new base came with the new and improved draft door. I liked it better than the old one immediately. It solved three problems without causing any new issues. I liked it enough and also for the sake of a consistent experience that I decided the next time I talked with my Big Green Egg dealer I would see about ordering one. That opportunity came quicker than I expected when my ceramic Fire Ring cracked a few weeks later (see CRACKED EGG II). The new door cost $39.00 so I went ahead and ordered it and picked it up when I picked up the replacement Fire Ring. I installed it on a week day where there was going to be some time before I needed to use both Eggs. This blog will document the experience and the things that went went and some of the lessons I learned when things didn’t go perfectly. Read More...