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The Island of Misfit Grill Toys

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I am taking a break from my 4 part blog entry entitled Getting Better All the Time to write this somewhat timely blog entry. It was prompted by a spring cleaning session out at my exterior grill cabinets & in my indoor grill closet. I was trying to make room for some of my newest Eggcessories and I decided to go through every drawer in both storage areas and get rid of items I no longer use. Some of these are items that do not fit or work with my Big Green Eggs. Others are items I bought and ended up not using, or I later found a better solution. I figured a blog entry where I listed these items and described why I no longer needed them or no longer could use them might be helpful to new or potential Big Green Egg owner’s. You can read my reasons and see if they make sense in your use case. It may also help you with a budget for the Eggcessories you want. BTW for those of you who did not get the reference in the title, it was from the 1964 Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, an animated cartoon I saw as a youth. The Island of Misfit Toys was where you sent toys you no longer wanted or used. Read More...