The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
Grill Lighting

I See the Light

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This blog entry is going to try to make the case for using permanent lighting for your grill if at all possible. You will notice I am using the term grill, not Big Green Egg here. This blog is not at all grill specific and is written for all grills. There are a few times I will mention specific types of grills and it won’t be just the BGE. This past spring I added two light fixtures to my grill gazebo to replace the portable grill lights I had been using up until this point. I expected it to be somewhat more convenient, but it has really made a HUGE difference much to my surprise. I never knew what I was missing and so may you. I recently had the realization that grilling at night had now become no different for me than grilling in the day. Prior to this the experience had been a compromise and you had to “work harder” to achieve the same results. Let me make some points for your consideration. Read More...