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Maverick ET-732

Maverick ET-733 First Impressions

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This blog comes as a bit of a surprise to me. It is a review of the new Maverick ET-733 a new and improved version of the ET-732. It is the third generation model of a line which started with the ET-73, which was followed up by the second generation ET-732 several years ago. I bought my ET-72 in 2005 and my ET-732 in 2012. This model is the third generation model. I had been thinking of getting a second ET-732 for use with my second Big Green Egg, when I start seeing hints online of a new Maverick unit coming out soon. I decided to wait a while and sure enough the ET-733 was announced in late November. I just received my new unit in the mail and what follows are my initial impressions of the new unit and a description of the changes. Read More...