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Maverick ET-733 - Foul Up

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This brief blog entry shall serve as a Follow Up to a problem (Foul Up) I encountered with my new Maverick ET-733 remote read thermometer which I REVIEWED in a Blog Entry earlier this year. I encountered a problem, which it seems like others are having, where the receiver unit runs down batteries even though it is turned off. Maverick took care of repairing it under warrantee so all is good there. But where the warrantee is 90 days I thought I would bring it up for folks who may not use the unit much. Maybe you are waiting for better weather, I don’t know. Bottom line: If you have one of these units, you might want to use it a few times to make sure you don’t have the problem. And if you do it will still be under warrantee when you discover it. Read More...