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Usability Improvements

Site Tweaks - 2014

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I have recently been making some usability tweaks to the site. Some are brand new ways of thinking, some of them long overdue items I had been meaning to get around to. I will list them as a group here so you can see the new things that can be done in various parts of the site. This process began about a year ago. I had switched the site over to a so-called responsive design about a year ago. Responsive Design adapts the interface to the screen size of the device the site is being viewed on. It makes the site more usable on small screen devices like mobile phones and tablets. But there also were some lingering issues that needed to be solved and they are now. I also listen to the feedback I get from users of the site via the Contact Form, Guestbook and some of the changes were a direct result of comments from users of the site. Read More...