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This site was AWOL

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My apologies to those of you who might have visited the site in the time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You were not able to access the site because I had taking it off-line. The problem is fixed and things are back up and running now. I had a few blogs I had written was getting ready to publish around Thanksgiving which I will publish now. Some other blogs intended for 2014 will simply be published in the 2015 blog.

I had a major meltdown involving the software I use to publish the site. There was an update to the program recently that among other things that turned it from a 32 bit into a 64-bit program. This was a rather major update and all of the Extensions and plug-ins for the program had to be updated. After I published the site just before Thanksgiving, I found out that some pages, particularly older blog pages we're simply disappearing. Where whole sections of the site now missing, I decided to take the site off line completely until such time as I could restore from backup. Things got crazy busy with work and it wasn't until after Christmas but I was able to get back on this task. The site is pretty much restored and should be back to normal.

I also would like to thank some of the people who had tried to access the site and who contacted me to inquire if everything was okay with the site and/or me. Thanks again for your concern and it's good to know you enjoy visiting the site.

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