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Triple Threat

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I am rather pleased and surprised to be saying that a third Large Big Green Egg will be sharing space under my grill gazebo with my other two LBGE's in about two weeks. A few years ago this would have seemed like crazy talk to me. I’m sure to people who don’t own an Egg or other Kamado grill it seems like crazy talk too. This blog will cover my thought process and how I got to this point.

A year or two before I bought my first Big Green Egg, I had no intention of owning one never mind three. Then the more I thought about it, the Egg seemed like it could be the ideal supplemental grill to help take the load off my gas grill and charcoal smoker. But my intent was it would be the third grill in the rotation. At some point in the future when my two existing grills had died off, I figured I might get a second Small or Medium Big Green Egg. But this was in the distant future and was measured in years and was not even a definite possibility. Then I started using the new Egg. I found it did a better job than either of the two grills it was to be a backup for. Suddenly I only wanted to use the BGE and I wasn't using the grill or the smoker at all. A second Egg suddenly went from being something I would get in five years to something I wanted right away. So five months after I got my first BGE, I bought a second. After using two Eggs for a while, I started seeing a use case for a third Egg. Once again I figured this was a two or three years down the road. Although this time it was a definite purchase. Well perhaps it is kismet, but in two weeks I will be picking up my third Egg.

Even when I got my second Egg, I could see it might be nice down the road to have a third Egg to use as a baking egg. This way I could have one Egg for Baking, one for Grilling, and one for Smoking. Or I could be baking on the third Egg and use the other two for instances where I need to switch quickly from direct to indirect with out having to do a reverse sear. A big plus of the Big Green Egg is it will hold temperatures really well. However this can become a disadvantage when you need to drop temperatures really quickly. But why a dedicated Baking egg?
  • By dedicating one Egg two baking only tasks, I can keep it woodchip or wood chunk free. This will help my baked goods from taking on a smokey taste. Up until now if I use wood chips or wood chunks during my last cook, I would empty out that charcoal and smoking wood and use it in my other Egg.
  • I thought by having two Eggs I would have solved most of my scheduling issues. But there were times when I had to start really early to get my baked goods done so I can switch over to using the Egg for another grilling task.
  • I will be able to leave this baking Egg set up for my typical baking configuration which should save some time.
  • Currently if a baking session runs long and I was planning to use the Egg something else afterwards it impacts more than just the baked goods or dessert. The baked goods typically need some cooling down time, so I will of started them early anyway. So any extra time cuts into their cooling time, but does not affect my using the grill to make side dishes.

I've already discussed why I got a second large at length both before and after I did it. I will quickly summarize some of the reasons here, But there will be links at the end of this blog you can use to view more in depth entries about why I made the decision to get a second large versus some other size.
  • To my surprise it proved cheaper to buy a second Large versus a Medium or a Small. While a cost of the grill was quite a bit less having to buy a second round of Eggessories in a new size drove the price up higher. Your mileage may vary here, but I do have a lot of Eggessories that I like to use and would have to buy again.
  • The large is a nice size. About 95% of the time it is big enough to suit my needs. I would not want to get an XL because most of the time it would be way too big for me and use up more charcoal. Experience has taught me the Medium of the Small would probably cramp my style 33% of the time.
  • No additional learning curve is required to learn a new size. Both of my LBGE's perform identically. I do not have to waste time thinking about which grill I happened to have fired up this particular day.
  • I am able to leave the grill set up for their most typical use. One is set up for direct grilling and the other for indirect.

Honestly it was a case of opportunity knocking. I can get into this grill for very little out of pocket money. For this third Egg, I am getting a used Egg which was used one day for an Egg event. This Egg gets discounted by the dealer due to it being used. My birthday is coming up and so this year I asked for cash. I also get an Apple dividend check in August. So none of this is out of pocket so to speak. I had held onto my nest (rolling grill cart) inside shelves from my first Egg. Where I switched over to using cabinets for my other two Eggs, I did not need the nest or the side shelves. Both items were sitting in my basement and I will use them for this third Egg until I get additional cabinets. So by purchasing at now I am getting in for very short money. The only Eggcessory I will have to buy is the grill cover, which is short money. I worked it out with my dealer so that they are assembling the Egg and installing it on my nest in using my side shelves. When I go pick it up, I will have A preassembled Egg on the nesting with the site shelves. It will basically be ready to go the moment I get it home.

While I know enough to never say never, I really don't see a fourth Egg in my future. While I do cook a wide variety of foods, I am typically cooking for 2 to 8 people. I think this third it will give me all of the flexibility I need going forward. What would be more likely to cause me to buy another Egg, would be if there was a new model with some great technological leap that I just had to have. But honestly I don't see this happening anytime soon.

Well first of all color me Eggcited. This should be my easiest installation yet. I just need to get the new Egg safely off the back of my pick up truck and rolling into place and will be good to go. I can't wait to take advantage of the flexibility of being able to grille, smoke, and bake simultaneously. It will also be nice not having to get up quite as early to get all the stuff going. Now I can spread the load across three, not two grills. I will need to give some thought as to whether I need to get a second Adjustable Rig. Then the question becomes do I get a complete second rig with all of the shelves I have now, or can I share some of them. I also hope the third Egg encourages me to try more baking and desserts. No matter what happens, I’m sure I will be writing some future blog entries about what I am learning using three Eggs

Here are some links to some blog entries I wrote about my first trip to the “big one” EGGtoberfest XVI in Stone Mountain, GA.


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