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December 2015

2015 Blog Archive

Here is the ARCHIVE OF BLOGS for this year with links to all of the entries listed chronologically.

This Recipe Was a Real Turkey

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Let me start out by saying my 2015 Thanksgiving turkey was the best turkey I have ever made. It was a combination of a great fresh turkey, a great recipe and I managed to not screw anything up. The recipe made the “not screw anything up” part way, way harder than it should have been. There were some inconsistencies and errors in the recipe vs. the version from the TV show. So even though this recipe helped me make the best turkey ever, this blog entry is going to be part rant and part praise. Read More...

Looking Back, Looking Ahead -2015

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Starting with 2006’s BBQ blog, I have written a year end wrap up summing up my past year pursuing this hobby. At years end everybody in the media seems to do some sort of Top !0 list. In my case I have reduced it to several Top 5 lists. The list helps me to think about what I have learned during the last year, plus I also use it to chart my course for the next year. By looking at my previous years blog I can see just how I did in reaching my goals. Many times I may not do everything I wanted to, but by reviewing the list from last year it is easy to see what I missed doing and add those items to this years list. Plus it is sometimes fun for me to reread the lists for each year to see my progression pursuing this hobby. Read More...

Que Calendar 2016 Posted

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This is the 10th year I have been taking pictures from my previous years Grilling and Smoking activities and use them to create a calendar with Apple’s iPhoto software. The first year it was an experiment and I really didn’t expect it to be of interest to anyone but me. To my surprise other people took and interest and I started getting request for calendars for them. I have found they make nice stocking stuffers (yes BIG stockings) and they are professionally printed so they compare favorably with store bought calendars. Several people familiar with both the calendars and this website suggested I post them here too. So I added a section with the calendars several years ago, I post a quickie blog entry like this letting folks that a new calendar has been posted. The future of this calendar as it exists now, is a bit sketchy. Apple has created a new photo application and is discontinuing their two current photo apps: iPhoto and Aperture. Right now Aperture and iPhoto still run under the current operating system and calendars are still supported via iPhoto. The new Photos app is a work-in-progress and doesn’t support many features of the two apps it is replacing. We shall see whet develops.

Below please find the direct link to the 2015 Cue Calendar picture pages and a link to a previous year’s blog entry on making calendars in iPhoto.

  CUE CAL 2016 -2016 Cue Cal Picture Entry
  CALENDARS - Picture Entries from Previous Year’s Calendars