The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
Bad Weather Cooking

The Snow Must Go On

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Yes this is a BBQ blog, but for the last couple weeks we have been just bombarded by snow. Many areas have broken 30 day total snowfall records in about half that amount of time. Two of these storms were Top 10 storms of all time. This winter is less than half over and it is already the second snowiest Winter ever. With my Big Green Eggs I can grill or smoke in any weather. I have been getting some cooks in during and between some of the storms. But the weather has impacted my cooking in unexpected ways. Now I can pretty much cook in any weather if I chose, the problem is people being able to get there and eat it . This blog is snow/weather related to start. At the end I will mention some things I learned or re-learned using the BGE in this weather. Read More...