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Air Lighter

The Airlighter - 2nd Gen. Fire Starter

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The Airlighter is a high speed fire starting device for grills and wood stoves that came out about a year ago. It uses a high temperature flame to get the coals or wood ignited quickly and then a high speed fan serves to spread the flames. The Airlighter is portable and does not require a power outlet like electric fire starters. It uses high quality non-clogging butane for the flame and a rechargeable battery for the fan. I already owned a competitor to the Airlighter, the Looftlighter, which is a corded electric fire starter. From my point of view Airlighter is not simply a knock off of the Looftlighter. While it is obviously inspired by the Looftlighter, the Airlighter is more like an attempt to take the strengths and weaknesses of the Looftlighter and improve on them. This blog will also compare the two based on my first uses of the Airlighter. At the end of this blow I will provide some links to previous blog posts about the Looftlighter and links to both manufacturer’s web sites. Read More...