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I Don’t Need a Pit Controller, I Need Two

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If you are going to be wrong, at least be wrong in a way where the right answer is an improvement. Historically I have not felt the need to use a Pit Controller. When I owned my Chargriller Smokin’ Pro horizontal offset barrel smoker, the Yankee in me couldn’t see spending more for a Pit Controller than I had for the smoker itself. When I got the Big Green Egg and saw the stability possible with a ceramic grill, I dismissed a pit controller for a backyard griller like me as an unnecessary toy. My first smoke on my first BGE had gone over 9 hours before I had to tweak the dampers. This served to reinforce my thinking on the matter. Also working from home allowed me to do many cooks during the day that I would have done overnight before. Then I started having a change of heart late last year and bought a BBQ Guru CyberQ WiFi. I have already written a series of blog entries on that topic, which I will link to at the bottom of this entry. In a remarkably short time, I have gone from a skeptic to a total convert. I am actually toying with the idea of getting a second CyberQ. This blog will describe what has caused such a big switch in my line of thinking, and what I have come to love about using a pit controller with my Big Green Egg. Read More...