The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
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This past weekend I finally realized a goal that I first started thinking about over 10 years ago. When I first began thinking about what I wanted to do, there wasn’t actually a product available to do what I wanted. A company in Florida, called Fracture, developed a real world product which was exactly what I was looking to for. The idea was born when I started creating the food-based picture calendars in iPhoto 10 years ago. You end up having small collages with 6 or 7 images on the top half of each month. These collages of the food I had grilled or smoked in the past year really looked nice. I got many compliments on these picture calendars and I started thinking about doing a large scale version of one of these food based collages in my Kitchen. Three things held me back: time, money and lack of a product that had the look I wanted. This year I discovered the solution. Yesterday I put up a 42” x 60” (107 x 152 cm) 47 picture collage of my food photos on a wall of my Dining Room. This blog entry will describe how I got here. Read More...