The trick is to smoke the meat and not make the meat smoke
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Cooking Method Can Make ALL the Difference

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Initially some of you are probably thinking this blog entry is being guest written by Captain Obvious. But I am going to lay out a case where I didn’t think about cooking method for various reasons until years later. And it turned out that taking an old favorite and cooking it a totally different way, made all of the difference in the world. You may also see I am not quite as dumb as that blog title makes me sound. Read More...

Be Sensible

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Other than cooking on the grill in a limited fashion, I was pretty much a total newbie when it came to cooking for the first half of my life. When I got my first serious gas grill I began to get serious about cooking too. I wanted to learn more and I began gathering knowledge from various grilling and smoking cookbooks, websites and a few cooking classes or demonstrations. If you think about cooking on a superficial level your sense of taste would seem to be the sense most involved with cooking. But the more you think of it, your other senses are also deeply involved. Also I have learned that the more you let your other senses help you, the easier your task will be and the better the end results. This blog will discuss some of the ways your other senses can help you with your cooking tasks. It will mostly cover outdoor cooking, but some of these items apply indoors as well. Read More...
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